iScripts DailyDeals


1. What is iScripts DailyDeals?
iScripts DailyDeals is a feature packed own deals website building tool. This script will allow you to create online daily deals website similar to groupon. iScripts DailyDeals script will help you create a comprehensive and self-manageable daily deals business. The controls are comprehensive to equip you to quickly setup and run your business an easy way.

2. As a service provider, what are the benefits and advantages of iScripts DailyDeals?
As a service provider you get increased revenue over the customer activities that generate on your site. iScripts DailyDeals is a perfect tool to help your personal business flourish. In today's world, businesses maintain a higher success rate if their products are online. iScripts can help your business do just that.

3. Is iScripts DailyDeals stable and reliable?
Yes. iScripts DailyDeals is very stable and reliable. It is used by many customers worldwide. If you have any further questions or comments about our services please do not hesitate to contact an iScripts representative. There is a 'live chat' button located on your site, simply click the box and a representative will answer all of your questions.

4.Can I personalize the iScript DailyDeals with my own name, company name, company logo, etc.?
Yes. iScripts DailyDeals is 100% customizable. As our valued customer you are welcome to design and modify all sections of the website until they meet your personal needs. Feel free to play with photos, font, and anything else you see fit to match your business or your personality.

5. How and where can I evaluate iScripts DailyDeals?
Our script comes with an online demo at: https://www.iscripts.com/dailydeals/beforedemo.php. This demo will show you how the site operates as well as where to add comments/questions if necessary.

6. Can you install iScripts DailyDeals for me?
Yes. We do provide installation service. If you are not able to fill out the form with the necessary details, we can install it for you. If you do not have the proper software or if you are confused with an aspect of the installation process, we are certainly here to help you in any way that we can.

7. Is iScripts DailyDeals customizable?
Yes. We can do the customization for you at a reasonable price. Prices depend on the work our web developers put into the website. We work with you to figure out the best possible solution.

8. Where can I view a live site from iScripts DailyDeals?
You can get the sites using our script at https://www.iscripts.com/listshowcases.php. This will show you exactly how it runs and what your site will look like before and after you make the necessary changes.When you are ready remember to save your changes so it uploads correctly to the live site.

9. Is the iScripts DailyDeals source code encrypted?
No. The iScripts DailyDeals source code is not encrypted. You are free to modify it to suit your requirements.

10. Where can I see a live operating site using iScripts DailyDeals?
You can see a live site at Customer Showcase

10. Where can I see a live operating site using iScripts DailyDeals?
You can see a live site at Customer Showcase
More items are available at the knowledgebase

11. Can I install iScripts DailyDeals in more than one domain?
Yes.You need to purchase multiple licenses to install the script in various domains. The licenses for the scripts are on a per domain basis.

12. How are the images managed in iScripts DailyDeals?
Images are managed by GD Graphics Library used in php. Most hosting companies support GD by default.

13. Payment Gateways supported for iScripts DailyDeals?
iScripts DailyDeals software supports PayPal and Authorize.net.