iScripts Cybermatch


Here are a few live websites powered by iScripts Cybermatch. This information is submitted by our clients.


iDeserveBetter.Net is the first venture of aNiceTouchMediaGroup LLC, a site that is unlike any other... where most sites are about hookups or casual dates. iDeserveBetter.Net is for people who are seeking long-term committed relationships. Women are free to browse and send as many messages as they want. Men their first 5 matches are free to send messages but before the sixth message there is a yearly fee of $29.99 US Dollars. Then you can send and receive as many messages as you want. Also, a special feature was added, for women to be safe before they meet up with someone. They can choose the Background check feature link, where it would direct you to the website, which there is a fee you can pay to do a check on the person you are interested in dating. iDeserveBetter.Net is where you want to be, especially if you are serious about having that special someone in your life that will keep that smile on your face. The software is made from the base software iScripts CyberMatch.

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