Free Shared Online Calendar

iScripts Calgo supports unlimited calendars and users along with event schedulers, event categories and more. If you have a business, you can add your own logo, site content and informative information such as your products and services. The calendar software allows you to offer online scheduling and set recurring events for your customers, clients, family members, coworkers of friends!

After creating your calendar, you can easily share it with all your friends, family, coworkers, customers or community members. iScripts Calgo is very versatile, allowing for repeat events, all-day events, while also supporting importing and exporting functionality.

iScripts Calgo Includes:
  • Complete Calendar Creation & Customization
  • Stable & Feature-Rich Calendar System
  • Share Calendar with Friends, Family, Colleagues & More
  • Versatility: Allow Repeat Events & All-Day Events
  • Supports Private, Protected & Public Events
  • Share Public Event Comments
  • Built-In Event Notification Through Email & SMS
  • Multiple Calendar Views
  • Choose From Integrated Calendar Themes
  • Supports Importing & Exporting Support for Groups

The iScripts Calgo Advantage

Our total complete scheduling and calendar application provides you with the features you need to keep others informed of important activities such as special events, appointments, holidays and more.

  • Never forget important events by creating your own online calendar!

  • Use the software as an easy-to-use collaboration tool by sharing it among friends, family, business partners, and clients.

  • Built-in custom options and themes are included for your convenience.

  • Use the calendar's flexible scheduling options such as: repeat events, all-day events, shared calendars, importing and exporting functionality, groups and more.

  • Add and share comments from your friends and family.

  • Intuitive administrative panel for maximum control over the website.

  • Supports event notification through email and SMS so you never miss an important date.

  • Search engine optimized HTML code and layout for increased traffic.

  • Explore multiple views for your calendar.

  • Extensive search functionalities allowing for easy navigation.

  • Supports private, protected and public events for your privacy.

  • Interactive installer to simplify installation process for quick and easy setup.

Setting Up Your Shared Calendar Application

After the shared calendar web application is installed on your own domain and server space, you can instantly begin creating, editing and sharing calendars with others! If you have your own business, you can quickly add your own logo along with product and service information. If you find that you need to alter any website features within your online calendar software, you may contact the programmers at iScripts or use any PHP programmer of your choice to complete the changes.

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