iScripts BubbleChat Models And Use Cases

iScripts BubbleChat App is user-friendly and versatile and offers a wide range of features and settings for users and administrators. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms and designed to provide a seamless communication experience utilizing best-in-class application standards.
In iScripts BubbleChat, users can enjoy features such as text chats, file sharing, adding emojis, creating group chats, broadcasting, and much more. Depending on the administrator's needs, there is even provision for more advanced features like voice and video calls, location sharing, dark mode, or integrating payment methods.
iScripts BubbleChat is available on both Android and iOS platforms, providing an excellent user experience across different platforms. You can design, preview, test, and deploy that app within a day or less.

iScripts BubbleChat: App Sections

  • Signup/Login page
  • iScripts BubbleChat provides a user-friendly login and registration process that allows users to sign up using their email addresses. Users can do a one-time registration, and the app will send a one-time verification email. There is also a provision to add a feature for users to signup with their phone numbers.

  • Homepage
  • The app's homepage provides a centralized hub for all chat-related activities. Users can view and access their chats, contacts, groups, call logs, and search for the ones that are not seen on the immediate screen. The app also features options for extended functionality, such as stories, where users can add and view contacts' stories as well as their own stories. The homepage also provides access to the app's settings.

  • Chat Screen
  • iScripts BubbleChat offers both one-to-one and group chats, and users can send text, emojis, images, audio, videos, quick snaps, stickers, locations, and files to their contacts. The app can also support voice and video calling. Users can reply to and forward messages, delete messages, and block or mute users. Read receipts are available as well. .

  • User and Contacts
  • With iScripts BubbleChat, users can view their signed-up contacts with online/offline status, search for contacts, invite friends, and refresh contacts. Users can also view and update their profiles, including their names, statuses, and profile pictures.

  • Settings
  • iScripts BubbleChat offers a range of customizable chat settings, such as changing the app font and new message sound. Users can also change the app's language depending on availability. The app also features a privacy and policy section, and users can delete their accounts if needed

Powered By ChatSDK

Armia's chat software development kit (CHAT SDK) is at the core of iScripts BubbleChat, and it's what makes building a chat application so effortless. The SDK provides all the necessary tools, including backend services, pre-built UI components, and a set of customizable features to help businesses create an app that suits their preferences. The SDK is lightweight and designed specifically for use with React Native, which makes it easy to integrate into your application

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