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How to Build an App like YouTube?

by Mariya Parackal
VisualCaster iScripts

Video grabs and holds the attention of audiences more than words and even pictures.  As video marketing continues to soar, many are now looking for alternatives to YouTube and Vimeo.  What are the benefits of starting and owning your video sharing site?  Is it feasible?

Besides harboring a great deal of opportunity for businesses and individual sellers, video is a social necessity among friends and artists. Businesses and individual sellers are constantly searching for sites like Vimeo and YouTube alternatives to post sales and product videos in hopes of attracting buyers. Friends use video as a social tool and a way to effectively communicate with friends.  Some want to become mini celebrities while others want to share creative and artistic work.

In this video we will talk specifically about YouTube, YouTube is is the world’s most popular video sharing and hosting website. Today YouTube serves Billions of video views per day.

How does YouTube work?

YouTube is a platform with different kinds and types of videos. You can create a YouTube account using your Gmail account and there you can upload contents and videos. On the homepage timeline, you can see the list of suggested videos based on what you have watched, shared and liked. Search anything you want to watch at the search bar on the top of the screen.

YouTube provides 5 tabs for easy use:

Home: All the suggested videos are placed in the home page. The suggestions are based on the videos we have watched, subscribed, liked or shared. The timeline videos are placed at a priority. 

Trending: The videos with most likes and views will be listed in the trending page. Trends will change according to the location.

Subscription: This page only shows the list of videos you have subscribed. 

Inbox: All the messages and notifications are stored in the inbox. If someone likes, shares or comments on any of your uploaded videos, the inbox is the place where you can see all the activities and notifications. 

Library: This is the place where you can watch the downloaded videos without any internet connection. 

How does YouTube make money?

youtube clone script

YouTube is generating revenue through ads. YouTube puts ads on the home screen and video of the user according to their geographic data. Such ads are sponsored and embedded ads. 

Another feature of YouTube is YouTube TV. There are many channels partnered with YouTube like Fox, ESPN, Disney, NBC, and many more. 

YouTube videos are not completely free or chargeless for users. YouTube gets around 30 million users a day and this will attract advertisers. When the ads get views the advertiser will pay to YouTube. Sometimes advertisements will play at the beginning of the original video, here also YouTube gets paid. And last way of making money is through the advertisements that displayed on the homepage. 

If you want to avoid these Ads, Youtube also has ‘premium’ subscription plan. The plan comes with additional features like automatic subscription to ‘premium YouTube music.

YouTube Clone Script

To create a website similar to YouTube in your niche market is easy with open-source YouTube Clone Script like iScripts VisualCaster.

iScripts VisualCaster let’s you create a video sharing website like YouTube in a matter of minutes. You can customize the platform according to your wish by adding custom branding, content and information. User can come to your website, create their unique profile and start engaging on various videos, through views, likes, comments and even dislikes.

The YouTube clone script comes packed with impressive features such as channels, playlist and friends management, tagging capability, video comments as well as “latest” and “top” videos categories.  This is a sure way to to lower your investment risk and see just how far you can take your site before putting much money into it.

Key Features 

  1. Easy to upload and share videos
  2. Choose different layouts and themes
  3. Free one year support
  4. Support all type of videos

Check the main features of iScripts VisualCaster.


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