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Move Your Business Online With The World’s Preferred eCommerce Platforms

by Sherine Mariam
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As society defines business, it is an organization of a group of individuals working together to be successful in a market. Technically, business works upon three major characteristics. Firstly, an organized working of a group of individuals. Secondly, the business must satisfy the need for a community or society. Thirdly, the business will work towards to seek better profits. The first two characteristics can be easily worked out among the individuals and the way the business works but the final characteristic is the crucial part.

Why should Brick and Mortar Businesses go Online?

Creating better profit requires your business to go online apart from staying offline. Many of the already profitable brick and mortar business organizations would disagree on taking their businesses online arguing on how complicated or risky the scenario is. But let’s have a closer look into some key factors on how “taking your business online” will benefit you with better profits.

Taking Business Online - iScripts MultiCart
  • Better Branding: Taking your business online helps in creating a better image for your company. Every individual checks out on search engines on how well the products are rated or a website of an organization every time before indulging in a transaction.
  • 24×7 availability: One top grossing factor for taking your shop online. Customers get to view and purchase the products online at any time, any day. The best example for such a website an eCommerce website. Online website businesses or eCommerce business also aids in working live from anywhere even at the comfort of your home!
  • Quality Customer Support: Such service related websites or eCommerce websites always employs a 24×7 customer support system which can include call, toll frees, email support and chat support. Better customer service has proven records of creating better profits in businesses. From doubts related purchase, products, services, orders and deliveries, the customer support system provides ample help for the customers.
  • Low Investment Costs: Starting a business online especially a shopping cart or eCommerce website is the easiest and low-cost initial investment business one can start. This will help in cutting down the costs such as the cost of a working place, offline advertisement, more human resources, etc. Internet marketing is more reasonable than in online advertisements and marketing strategies.
  • Reach out to more people: Getting your business online allows you to reach to a wider audience and easily reach your targeted audience and potential customers easily and effectively. Social media plays a very vital role in this context that helps in reaching unlimited customers across the globe.
  • Unlimited products on the store: You can easily include more products with different sizes than that you can provide at the physical stores in an online environment.
  • Understand your customers: This is one key point that will change the outcome of your business. Knowing your customers well depending on their needs, products they require, types of preferences, etc.

Move your business online

Now that we know how advantageous it is to take your brick and mortar business online, let us have a closer look into eCommerce building platforms. eCommerce website platforms can be found in three different categories.

  • Open source: Open source eCommerce platforms allow modification of all aspects of the website according to the business requirements.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service): It is a much more advanced version, where the customer does not require much technical support in creating a custom prepared website as per your business requirements.
  • Headless Commerce: It is a version of Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS) which allows a higher flexibility in content management, customer/ user experience, SEO and delivery along with shopping cart.

Similarly, there are two major options for hosting your eCommerce websites.

  • Cloud hosting
  • On-premise or Self-hosted business

World’s preferred eCommerce building Platforms in the World

Online Shopping Cart - iScripts Multicart

Online shopping is the sensation of today where people can effortlessly lay their hands on products not easily available at stores and also saves a lot of time and money in the long run. Hence, building your own eCommerce website can be a daunting task to fully satisfy the customers. So let us have a look at some of the public’s favorite and trending eCommerce platforms on the list next.


Magento is an open-source solution to build eCommerce websites and is mostly preferred by IT and web development professional or companies. The platform is beneficial for developers on being fully customizable according to the business needs. The platform requires QA integration and also includes manual patch and bug updates.


Shopify is the most commonly heard brand name for building online store websites. It is a public SaaS eCommerce website platform provider. The platform has gained a lot of attention with its quick to learn and drag and drop way to create your own online store. But as every element, Shopify also has its drawbacks along with its perks. It has a drawback of not being capable of URL customization and also lacks built-in basic features for an online store.


BigCommerce is an emerging Headless Commerce provider based on low investment and highly flexible APIs. The platform has sought attention amongst small and startup businesses. The platform comprises of built-in features and fully SEO assisted. The software goes off road with its complexity in the built-in features.


Volusion is another eCommerce website builder with its target audience being startup online stores and hobbyists. They lack on conversion-driving tools for the websites and bills heavy taxes on engineering resources.


Another name in the most trending in e-commerce platform builders, Wix is best known for its simple website building process. A drag and drop feature, among the best prices in the market, and free and modern themes. Wix has been used by many entrepreneurs and small business owners with their own creative freedom for customization but lacks advanced e-commerce features.


It is an open-source online store builder that offers a shopping cart in addition to the brand content on the website. The platform but stays back with its issues in scalability and slows down on the cost of developing the website.


Salesforce or previously known as Demandware is a SaaS e-commerce platform preferred mostly by high profile fashion shop owners, similarly to Shopify and BigCommerce. The disadvantage of the platform is its high cost and the technical support needed for developing the online shopping website.

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