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Announced: Winners of the iScripts Startup Challenge!

by Sheri Levitt

The iScripts Startup Challenge turned out to be quite a challenge for us! There were so many interesting ideas submitted that it was hard to pick just one! We want to thank everyone that participated and we are pleased to announce the winners…

1st Place – One Idea Brought to Life

Congratulations to Kyla McConnell for her Vintage & Veil submission!

Kyla will be able to create, operate and own a website based off her winning idea submission which was as follows:

Vintage and Veil is an online boutique that allows both brides and vendors to buy, sell or rent new and used goods (dresses, decor and more) in a fun stylish setting. Think of it like eBay for events with a dash of Etsy and a sprinkle of I-Ella all rolled into one and topped off with a tiara.

Our “Auction” or “Buy Now” options offer great sale opportunities, while our custom storefronts allow small crafters and vendors to reach directly to their target audience. What really would set us apart would be our rental options that allow guests to continue to make money long after their special day.

Last but not least, our Groupon-like Daily deals will offer rock bottom bargains created specifically for our savvy brides and create sales for local and nationwide vendors.

Our current competition is not well marketed, hard to navigate and provides outdated information. At Vintage & Veil, we stand apart by offering a myriad of exclusive options that benefit both buyers and sellers in today’s sale savvy economy.

Our target audience is not only brides (both old and new) but also vendors and crafters interested in entering the wedding/event industry by reaching out to those same customers. As a Wedding Coordinator and recent bride myself, I am often bombarded with a ton of new or slightly loved decor and dresses that usually end up in the garage or in the trash. The industry is begging for a fun, stylish, savvy way to buy, sell and rent those same goods to others in need while making a few bucks in the process. The result is Vintage & Veil – a fun boutique that will help brides “Save the Date.”

To give her site a successful launch, Kyla will also receive hosting for 2 years and online marketing perks to get the site seen, heard and noticed throughout the web!

2nd Place  – $500 Towards iScripts Software

  1. Steve Amshoff – Lawns2Cut.com
  2. Paul Carden – Yard Sale
  3. Lori Cameron – Asha + Miel Customizable Lotions and Scrubs
  4. Dagmar Finch – Peoplefood for Dogs
  5. Darnell Jackson – AudioAuctionz.com
  6. Courage Kimber – CrowdSource TV
  7. Mallory Lorence – Notes from Students
  8. Damon Patterson – Kuhnek Events Database
  9. Lee Roberts – Your Daddy Kills Animals
  10. Shane Waters – Personal Stylist

3rd Place – A Unique iScripts T-Shirt

  1. Colin Anderson – The Real Ebay
  2. Alfonso Arce – Enlightened Books
  3. Jonathan Brax – Learn A Law
  4. Christina Bretana – My Homemade Creation
  5. Donna Brown – Medical Directory
  6. Sruli Bruck – Crowd Charity Funding
  7. David Chenault – RecallBuddy
  8. Ian Cooper – Rest In London
  9. Dan Crimmins – Online Maintenance
  10. Christina Farrell – The Private Sessions
  11. Paul Firmin – Airsoft Social
  12. Jon Fox – Project Elder Care
  13. Michael Glock – Flying Start
  14. Abel Hernandez – Cars for Caring
  15. Rob Howett – Offer4Clobber
  16. Emery Jeffreys – One Stop Biz Shop
  17. Edward Long – CC4ME
  18. Matthew Marshall – Social Media Investigative Service
  19. Tyler Moss – Fashion Collaboration
  20. Kyle Nowack – KipperTrade
  21. Jennifer Thomas – SessionGirls Booking Calendar and Store
  22. Gary Turchan – Party & Wedding Vendors Marketplace
  23. Brandon Welch – PlanetServed
  24. Sean Wolf – Chisel
  25. Jerrit Wolfe – Website Upgrade

Criteria were based upon information provided by each entrant. Specific factors considered were creativity, feasibility, business potential, and public votes.

Kyla’s entry displays a solid grasp of her idea, site functionality, competitors, and the industry as a whole. She is confident and excited about her idea. She also has some knowledge and experience in this industry to boot.  We are excited to support her venture!

Thanks again to all the participants and voters!


BoutiquePasCher May 30, 2012 - 1:41 pm

Congratulations to Kyla McConnell !

Dan crimmins May 30, 2012 - 11:54 pm

Well done kyla a worthy winner…..great competition please do some more like this iscripts.


Sean June 12, 2012 - 8:57 am

Grats Kyla!

Kyla McConnell June 28, 2012 - 11:27 am

Thanks for the love guys!


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