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Online Business Winners

by Sheri Levitt

You could have a cream of the crop idea, but without resources that add up correctly or proper execution, you will not rise to the top.

iScripts has helped a number of entrepreneurs succeed online by providing a better path to small business success. Regardless of your idea, iScripts has an option that will work for you.

Our packages are built around general online business models that have demonstrated victory for past site owners, as well as the ones mentioned below. Since these models are already created within our software packages, you will not have to pay for an entire custom-built website.

This will save you thousands in startup costs, while also providing you with surefire ways to make money online with multiple modes and options to operate your site and figure out the best way to turn profits online.

Check out some of these winners busy excelling with iScripts products:

bugoutbid featured list


This auction website was created using the popular iScripts MultiCart script. We expanded our multi-vendor shopping cart software to include functionality that would enable bidding among members of the site.

Different membership tiers were created so that sellers could choose their own commission to be paid out by the site owner. Sellers are allowed to list their own products by easily redeeming their tokens.

BugOutBid is just one example of how the multi-vendor shopping cart from iScripts can be successfully customized to construct a professional grade e-commerce platform, similar to eBay, without outrageous development costs.



This website for Montessori educators is another creative solution that takes advantage of the versatile iScripts MultiCart.

Educators can buy, sell and share original or used materials on this online platform. Both buying and selling is an easy and quick process on the website. Site owners charge a commission of 20% from sellers for each transaction.

The website we developed even supports the sale or purchase of digital items and products.

NightlifeUnite template


NightLifeUnite uses the iScripts CyberMatch script. This dating software possesses the features and functionality required for users to reach out and meet others.

Whether looking to meet a new friend, go on a date or begin a no-strings-attached routine, individuals can sign up to the site and begin their quest.

Easy and hassle-free search options give users the ability to find out more about fellow members they may be interested in for purposes of mingling, dating, or hooking up.

Whether used for a casual fling or a serious commitment, most would feel increased comfort using a site with some type of safeguard. iScripts CyberMatch includes an exclusive background check feature to verify members.

iScripts’ all-in-one dating script is a fully customizable option equipped with a number of built-in features to benefit you as well as your end users.



Developed for creative arts professionals to buy, sell and share original resources and materials, this site was created using the very flexible shopping cart platform, iScripts MultiCart.

Artistic users can manage, sell and purchase activities, lessons plans, games, images, illustrations, information, songs, music and more.

In an effort to better serve this target market, the website also has the ability to support an unlimited number of digital products. As this feature is included in the script, this did not come to any additional cost to the site owner.

One main characteristic of iScripts MultiCart is the ability to support and accommodate multiple vendors with various products to sell. The end result further extends the website’s capacity and profitability for the site owner.

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