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WikiLeaks and How Your Site Will Never End Up There

by Jon Skulemowski

If you were to turn on the news on any channel for the past two weeks, it’s a safe bet that Julian Assange or his site, WikiLeaks, would be a feature. WikiLeaks, a mysterious procurer of hidden information, is just a depository for general “dirty laundry” or things people would rather not promote. In the most recent case, it was correspondence from the US about other nations and their leaders.

The idea can be applied to almost anything, however, including your website and your customers. iScripts stands behind its products 100% and we are happy to say that we employ individuals specifically to seek out flaws in our code that would otherwise leave your site at risk. We are on the lookout for anything and everything that could create a potentially troublesome situation for your brand including:

  • SQL injections
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Additional database vulnerabilities

Even though it may seem a bit odd, we pay people to try to break into our software! These folks are in charge of making sure that we can proudly say that we are keeping your information safe. Of course, no software is 100% safe. It’s just a fact of software life. Once even the smallest issue is found, the software is updated and our patch notes are notated, case closed.

The bottom line is; we make software that moves money, whether it’s a small shopping cart software, a tool to create your own hosting company, a great online hotel booking system, or a giant ecommerce platform. If we didn’t take every step possible to ensure we were doing our best to make sure your data was safe, it would be an expensive mistake for everyone.

Visit the iScripts.com patch site live.

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