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Why SEO Is Better Left To Professionals

by Kathy Hill

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is changing. Ten years ago, you could rely on Google to find you on their own by using the magic of their engineers and their proprietary algorithm. However, people figured out how Google works. Over time, this has lead to a huge amount of firms offering SEO to their clients and has changed the rules of the game for everyone. No longer is it enough to have a simple, informative website. All the clamoring to get to the top of Google’s first page pushes out legitimate sites in favor of those who have figured out how to manipulate the rankings.

Content especially must be specifically manipulated for specific keywords. In the good old days, a nice website included some very simple items; an ‘about us’ page, a site map, a list of products or services, and a home page explaining what the site was about. Now, in order for a website to get a decent ranking on the search results, it must be packed with keywords that make the site look like it was written with poor grammar, or worse – completely unreadable.

Many programs have been written with SEO in mind, but even though they may automate some aspects of SEO, many of these fall short. They may take a few steps to help your site look better in the search engines’ eyes, but many search engines look at different aspects of the website to rank them. These programs don’t specify which are changes are the best for a specific engine; they just apply generic steps that often aren’t enough for quality rankings.

Lastly, quality SEO efforts take a significant amount of time to complete and take effect. SEO is better understood as “marketing to the search engines.” The goal with this is to get the attention of the search engines, themselves – not customers. Since you’ll be running a quality business, meeting the needs of paying customers, isn’t your time better spent attending to them rather than working to make the search engines happy?

With this in mind, doesn’t it make sense to let the professionals handle your SEO? (click here to view our Dedicated Development Services at iScripts.com)

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