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What is a Turnkey Website Software?

by Aji Abraham


What is turnkey website software?

The term ‘turnkey’ is frequently used in the technology industry when a product is sold as a complete bundle and is essentially ready for immediate use. Turnkey website software is a complete, ready-made solution.

It is most commonly used to set up e-commerce because it is optimized for hosting advanced internet applications. Turnkey website software provides your site with the necessary infrastructure to set up and manage your site.

What are the advantages of using a turnkey website software? 

There are a few main advantages to using turnkey website software. Here are the most significant:

1. Turnkey website software allows for rapid development.

2. Due to the software being bundled, there is a certain level of affordability that you do not have with custom build-outs.

3. Because the site is built by the provider, there is no need for a high level of technical skills and the site can be installed with ease.

4. The majority of turnkey providers including iScripts offer a software that is very simple to modify with easy access to site content.

Turnkey internet software can be beneficial to any industry, but is a turnkey solution the most optimal choice for me?

Turnkey internet software is not always the best choice for all businesses or the software may often need to be customized to fit one’s needs. iScripts offers various turnkey website software which are all fully customizable. iScripts can help you take your business idea to the next level with our backend software or assist you in building your internet business from the ground up.

We want to help you! iScripts will give you a free proposal and estimate for any project that requires customization. In order to better help you determine is a turnkey software is the right choice for you, there are a few factors to consider. It will help to improve the business reach, you can learn How Turnkey Scripts Can Improve Your Business?

Here are the following items to take into consideration when deciding if a turnkey software is right for you:

1. Are there any specific design requirements and are you limited in the way the site can be structured?

2. What are the core objectives of your business and where do you want it to head in the future? Do you need all components of e-commerce immediately or is it better to grow the site with your business?

3. What are your technical expertise and capabilities within your company? Do you have any in-house resources such as programmers and designers? What is their skill set?

4. What is the scope of the project and are there any time constraints? Do you need the rapid implemetation offered by turnkey providers?

5. What is a realistic budget for the project? Are your resources and budget limited?

 What are your website requirements?

Here are some things to consider when determining the scope of your project:

1. Do you need full e-commerce capabilities?

2. What kind of shopping cart solution do you need and what payment methods do you plan on accepting?

3. What security features and measures do you plan to implement?

4. What are your bandwidth and storage needs?

5. What are your delivery management and inventory requirements?

6. What are your design requirements? Also, do you have any content requirements?

7. Do you need any additional services? (Marketing, training staff, reporting/administrative tools)

Want to check out the iScripts portfolio?

Below are some prime examples of completed projects and fully optimized websites that are successful from their use of iScripts:

Below is the page created with iScripts MultiCart for a site called ‘My Farmers Market.’ The purpose of this page is to allow farmers and co-ops to sell their products over the internet. MultiCart was implemented in order to set up the shopping cart system with multiple merchants to create a virtual marketplace. If you are confused in choosing software then Find Out Which Software is Right for You.


Next, is a site created to assist growing businesses in Chicago and gives business marketers in the area an opportunity to grow their audience. The site is called the Chicago Business Directory which is pictured below and iScripts Easy Index was used to setup the network.


If you would like to more information or to purchase our multi vendor shopping cart system, iScripts MultiCart or if you would like information about iScripts EasyIndex, contact us.

Also, if you are interested in finding out what other turnkey website software products iScripts has to offer, visit our home page

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