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Website Cloning Experts

by Sheri Levitt

Website cloning is the method of reproducing the functionality and design of another site. For example, if you’ve seen a site that provides something specific and you would like to reproduce it on your site, our team can replicate it.


Website cloning is the process of copying the content of a successful website to create a new website clone script. The clone script will have a majority of the same features of the original site and sometimes unique features are also present. The clone script of popular websites will allow entrepreneurs to create a similar site without need of development from scratch. 

Is Website Cloning Legal?

Website Cloning is legal like any other industry-based cloning. Unless you breach any IPs, trademarks, copyright or any, website cloning is absolutely legal. Don’t think that cloning means it’s about taking all the features and models of the original website. Here there is no copying of the website and no-one encourages such practice. 

The idea of a clone script is to develop a website at minimal expense. The new features and targets make the website unique from the other similar websites. The companies that provide clone script offer their services to the customers at low development cost.

The key benefits of using a website clone is you can save your:

  • Time
  • Cost
  • Making plans and market research
  • Knowledge for coding
  • Demand
  • Competition

Here are some points to remember regarding website cloning:

  • Cloning is the method of recreating business models of successful websites
  • We do not actually “copy” anyone else’s website
  • We study the website, the business flow and create another one that is similar
  • Cost-efficient
  • Quick processing and quick website launch
  • We already cover the majority of online business ideas and own separate scripts for each
  • Easy to add your extra ideas on existing scripts that will enable you to launch a website cost-effectively
  • Experts in PHP, MySql, Asp.net, MS Access, MS SQL, Flex, AIR, XML
  • Free three months support after development

For more information, questions or comments, contact us at sales@iscripts.com or call (800)-569-5538!

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