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Web Design vs Web Development: What’s the difference?

by Sheri Levitt
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If you are working in the world of the internet, you should definitely know the difference between web design and web development.

Have you heard these terms used interchangeably? 

Sometimes, those who are not that close to or familiar with the industry can mix these two terms up or use one in spite of others, thinking both indicate the same thing in building a website.

The difference between web designer and web developer is really big.

Web Design vs Web Development

A web designer brings the brand’s idea into reality and they know what the specific audience likes. 

A web developer creates the site’s core structure using codes to build logical and programmatic websites.

When you need to build a website from scratch, you need web developers to build the foundation and web designers to make it look and feel as your user want. 

Yes, for a client who wants to just get their website done as per the requirements, the concept of the phrases “Web Designing” and “Web Development” is irrelevant. Know the advantages of a dedicated developer model.

Though there are clear distinctions between web designing and web development, with the advancement in technology, there could also be a number of crossovers between the two.

Let’s explain.

For a designer, questions like “how can we add a database to the website?” can be unanswerable, while developers struggle to answer questions about layout, color selection, image placement, and font styles.

In simpler terms, the difference between web design and web development can be stated as web design deals with the front-end of the website and web development work on the back end functionalities of the website.

It is significant that whichever technology is used for designing the website, should be attuned with the site development technology so that all functionalities can be incorporated.

A freelance web developer usually costs $30-$70 per hour while a web designer costs $10-$50 per hour. For a basic website, a medium-sized agency will charge a cost between $60-$100 per hour. To design a website using both developers and designers a round figure that comes is around $6000 in total. 

Who is a Web Designer?

A web designer could be referred to as a graphic artist who develops and styles objects for the Internet and create a great website design for you.

That creative energy to design the overall layout and look for websites makes a professorial web designer.

Web designers typically have a creative mindset; whereas web developers usually think methodically and logically.

Web designers and graphic designers would likely have a hard time thinking logically to develop a properly functioning web application. You can check at some of the best web design tools.

Who is a Web Developer?

A web developer develops applications and functionality for the Internet. Typically, when one developer focus on the front end programming of a site using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, another developer will focus on server-side programming like PHP, Java, Ruby, and .NET. Web developers usually think methodically and logically.

web design and web development

The mindsets of designers and developers are far different and vary widely. Hence, it is difficult to find a web designer who is a good web developer. Web developers probably can’t create an attractive web page!

If you are facing a dilemma of choosing a Web Designer or Web Developer for all your website needs, hiring a website company is your best bet to get an all-around perfect website.

Check some of the online tools for web developers.

From the design to the programming, a team can certainly accomplish more in less time. What if you get a cost-effective offshore developer?

Businesses Need Both and We can help!

Website building companies will provide you the quality of both, through distributing projects between their web designers and developers.

Normally, a good website organization will have a project manager or account manager to take care of your project and website exclusively. He will effectively manage your projects and ensure the developers and designers on the same page.

Nobody can be an expert on the whole thing. By hiring a website company, like iScripts, you will get a well-controlled and well-planned website which function properly with a great look.

The iScripts team is dedicated to maintaining a positive and productive partnership with our clients by meeting their needs in various areas such as:

  • Custom development of our products tailored to meet your specific business needs
  • Web design and programming services to create visually appealing and functional websites
  • Long-term IT outsourcing and partnerships to ensure continuity and consistency in our service delivery
  • Software Development to develop and improve upon existing systems
  • Offline software development for specialized, non-web-based applications
  • Multimedia Applications such as interactive animations and videos
  • Multimedia applications development for enhanced user engagement and experience.

A professional web development team can make the website function fast and proficiently with good constancy. It is found to be far more efficient when the design and development are carried out by the same team. 

The advantages of having both parties involved together will add to the website’s aesthetic look and feel from the customer’s perspective.

Before outsourcing the web design and web development job to an offshore service provider, it’s quite important to understand if they offer both design and development as the term “web design” could be a term used to cover both the design and development of a website.

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web design and web development

iScripts Custom Programming Services also provides you with:

  • Flexibility: We provide you with a variety of developers to choose from for your unique project, and you only pay for the resources you use, our project managers will keep you updated during the entire project.
  • Exclusivity: We offer you the option to select a dedicated development team that works solely on your tasks, Our developers work hard to ensure that your site is completed on time and thoroughly inspected
  • Expertise: All members of your development team are highly skilled and experienced, We only hire the best and most qualified applicants, so you can count on us to deliver.
  • Stability: We offer a fixed monthly price, and with a constant number of skilled developers, you can trust that your project will be stable and independent. We will manage your project and keep everything on track.
  • Security: We provide secure environments and full compliance with strict security procedures to ensure that your software is safe and secure at all times, We value security and privacy as much as you do.
  • Special requests or must-have requirements can be taken into consideration before the development starts, we are open for communication and feedback during the entire process.

If you are planning to build apps then learn how to publish mobile apps to get more customers?

The arguments of web design vs web development are always non-stopped.

Get a free quote from us here! Tell us what your requirements, expectations, and deadlines are so we are sure to develop the best plan for your site development.

We want you to succeed! That’s why so many choose iScripts for their website services.  

Contact us today and a project manager will be in touch with you and help you through the process along the way, and our developer works for you whether it be related to web design or web development.

We help you build your dream project!

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