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We Are Growing: Count on iScripts for Your Custom Development Needs

by Milan Mathew

Growing any business is a labor of love. Only the most dedicated, most committed, most action-oriented teams succeed.

And yes, we are growing. At iScripts we have a team of dedicated people who are happily watching the entire organization’s growth.

iScripts for Customer Development Needs
Over 5000 sites launched since 2003

iScripts began as a small company with a sincere drive to create innovative products and services to enable online businesses to succeed.

Today, iScripts represents this culmination of an entrepreneurial spirit, the drive to succeed, and the vision to continue a business worthy of its customers.

We strived regardless of our size and we currently support thousands of customers worldwide. Our sole focus is to provide business management software and services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

We have an innovative team of people to create and develop software solutions that will meet most of our client’s online business needs. By constantly adding new accounts to our business, we have the momentum to add new people to the team as well.

iScripts exercises the latest procedures and advancements. PHP development is our specialty. We are able to successfully implement demanding projects for our clients due to our core strength.

We have 40 solid PHP developers who possess extensive knowledge and experience working with Ajax, jQuery, Javascript, PHP, object-oriented PHP, Angular, Node.Js, multiple frameworks, and various API’s.

We have experience in a number of frameworks such as Zend, CakePHP, Yii, Code Ignitor, Drupal, Joomla, and our own homegrown MVC framework. We developed hundreds of web and social applications using LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP ) as well as all API functions from Google, Facebook, major payment gateways, analytics platforms, real-time shipping, and geographical data.

Apart from PHP, the technologies that iScripts exercises may include .NET development, Ruby On Rails, Open Source, iPhone Application Development, Android Application Development, wearable technologies, and Facebook Applications. There is no limit to our capabilities as we are able to complete even the most complex site requirements.

Technologies that iScripts Exercise

All software products come with an install wizard, allowing our customers to install our scripts in just a few clicks. We also have a strong product support team working 24/7 who can give you the installation services you need.

As our scripts are open source, you can even modify them to meet any specific changes that may arise throughout the course of your online business journey.

If you are not sure how to proceed with this, we can customize it to meet your unique requirements and ideas.

We are always happy to continue the successful collaboration with our clients, so we offer various services to attain their internet dreams while reaching goals cost-effectively through our offshore team.

We have a large and reliable team of developers, designers, QA working in various platforms to support and provide a wide range of services to our customers.


Dedicated Development Team

Sometimes the software packages do not contain the exact features as needed by the companies. The software might not have the features needed for the specific business model or it may not even exist at all.

These organizations and individuals need to hire a team of dedicated programmers to develop software they need to get started.

Your project is too important to chance on an unknown and inexperienced team. Time and money are both critical resources that our clients commit to when trusting us to build their new site.

We treat each project like it is our own and leverage our collective experience, graphic design skills, and project management oversight to collaborate on an outcome you can be proud of.

CONTACT US to learn more about our signature process.


Do you have a unique script or idea?

iScripts can turn it into reality for a reasonable cost. We call it Custom Programming service. Here is list of our new Custom Marketplace Projects Samples to get an idea.

Custom Programming Service

In case you need professionally designed and developed scripts, or if you require a software solution built for your business, and even if you are looking for cost-effective offshore developers, we are always pleased to offer professional and affordable web development services.


It is very important to keep your business mobile and tablet-friendly. With help from our team, you can develop engaging applications for your customers, as well as increase efficiency by developing apps for your employees or partners and get customers for your business.

Our expertise is not just limited to developing applications though, we also work with all connected devices too.

This is exactly why our dedicated team of mobile developers spend 1/4th of their time in research and development and hobby projects. We develop iPad and iPhone apps as standalone or assisted solutions.

As the number of Android devices surpasses iPhone/iPad devices, it is important to have your mobile strategy to include Android. This can be achieved by creating cross-platform apps or native app on the Android platform.

Cross Platform apps or Native apps

We can build native Android apps (tablets and phones) as well as HTML5-based mobile sites and back end services (PHP or Ruby on Rails). As we can do both mobile and web in the backend, the integration would be better than utilizing both mobile apps only developers or web apps only developers.

We can also turn an existing web application into an iPhone/iPad application. We believe this allows the team to stay creative while also providing an enriching experience to mobile projects they are currently working on.

SUBMIT your requests and requirements for your own IOS/ Android mobile apps!

Have questions about our web software and Mobile Apps and how it can work with your existing business or online business idea?

Call us at (312) 423-6728 with any questions you may have. We’d be happy to explain how our software works, including any additional business, needs you may want to address or expand on.

We also offer custom development of web and mobile apps at a reasonable rate.

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