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Ways to Use iScripts’ Barter Software – iScripts eSwap

by Ashley Zimmerman

Our online bartering system allows you to create your own barter exchange network website. Our latest product enhancement includes a new responsive design to all templates in the front end of the site, an improved image capability and increased stability and scale.


Our eSwap customers have been taking full advantage of all the features included in our swapping script! In addition, some have enhanced the design and functionality through custom changes. Take a look at the various business plans and website ideas iScripts eSwap has made possible:

Our Home Town Bargains

URL: www.ourhometownbargains.com/index.php

Our Home Town Bargains is an online barter exchange network allowing users to list items for swap or sale in exchange for another item, currency or points. If users come to the site and do not immediately find what they need, they can create their own “wish list” so hopefully fellow users fulfil the request.

All of these features are already included in the software, but in order to make the software feel on-brand, the site owners requested changes to site design and layout. We are pleased with the outcome and Home Town Bargains loves their new look! Are you considering one of our solutions but feel the need to change the look and feel? We have plenty of options and design packages.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 6.53.34 AM


URL: www.iweeza.com

The iWeeza platform offers users a wide range of options such as listing products for swap or for sale. Fellow users can trade items for another product, service or currency. As a part of phase 2 customization, users can now post feedback regarding each transaction or item. Chat functionality is also included for users to chat prior to or after an exchange or transaction.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 6.53.26 AM

 Orbis Marketplace

Satisfied client, Orbiz Marketplace, is currently on the second phase of customization. This barter network is a platform where users can list their products for sale and swap in exchange for points called “ORU.” ORU is a point system introduced exclusively for the Orbis website. ORU can be purchased by contacting the administrator offline and the points can be used towards transactions on the website.

As a part of phase 2 customization, a report section was added for all transactions, registered users, and ORU reports. Referral reports have also been added in the administration dashboard for the site owner to review and export data when needed. An option to create sub-administrators has also been added so the main administrator can assign sections to sub-administrators.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 6.53.18 AM

Want more information on iScripts eSwap? Browse through the new eSwap Quick Start Guide to learn how to quickly set up your site and operate your own bartering and swapping website.

Swapit Shopit

online marketplaces

After looking for trading websites and coming up short in their search, Jason and Michelle decided to start their own swapping site. Swapit Shopit is dedicated to helping users interested in trading and bargain deals.  Instead of listing items for sale without a response, users can take advantage of the site’s free listings in order to trade cars, vans, motorbikes, books and even houses.

Even after some minor modification work, Jason and Michelle are thrilled that they were able to start their own site at an affordable price using iScripts eSwap.  Since they didn’t have to spend a fortune to create the platform, they can now set themselves up for success by focusing more attention and funds towards marketing and gaining users.

Credit card payments are handled through Authorize.net and PayPal along with additional offline payment methods. iScripts eSwap supports an unlimited number of users, categories and products.  The software contains one-click featured products, free or paid registration, templates and much more! For more information visit the eSwap product page contact our team at (312) 423-6728 or see the live demo.

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