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iScripts VisualCaster review: On-demand Video Streaming Website & App Solution

by Mariya Parackal

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have ushered in an era where streaming platforms have become a movement of their own. The massive surge in the online viewership of OTT platforms means that now is the time to invest in an online video streaming service and garner traction. However, isn’t the journey of curating and creating a video streaming platform bombarded with undulating efforts? Well, not with the iScripts VisualCaster solution.

iScripts VisualCaster is a software that enables you to create a video streaming platform in minutes. All you have to do is add your logo and other necessary information to attract users to your on-demand streaming platform. Our on-demand video streaming app solution is akin to Netflix. Users can mark favorites, search for their desired films, and stream unlimited movies, television programs, and documentaries from a mammoth-sized catalog. Moreover, the entire content is downloadable, and users can watch their favorite shows offline after downloading.

With the software, you can build a platform that is either a paid or an unpaid model. You can create niche video streaming websites for unpaid models, like education, tutorials or sports.. However, if you have valuable content or crowd-funded content, then a paid site is something you should consider. Lastly, you also have the option of helping others by allowing them to promote their videos on your site free of cost.

How is iScripts VisualCaster a Game-changing Phenomenon?

As of 2021, there are over 300+ million streaming service viewers in the United States alone. Half of the OTT users opt for at least one OTT service. Therefore, with such a magnanimous market, people have a massive scope to achieve new milestones by building an OTT video streaming app. The iScripts VisualCaster allows you to include the most sought-after features of a contemporary OTT site, such as –

Social Features – A large chunk of the OTT users watch videos through sharing. Thus, social tools can help your platform grow.

Multilingual Content – Adopting a multilingual approach is the key to reaching out to a diverse demographic and ensuring rapid business expansion. iScripts Visual Caster is equipped with multilingual options so that people from all over the world will find your site feasible. 

Search Bar – Without a search bar and an explore option, the charm of any OTT on-demand video app will mar down. Therefore, we incorporated a seamless search option in our design with advanced filters and drop-down menus. 

User Profile – An OTT video streaming app must come with a user profile option that gives your users the option to manage their side of the application. With a smooth user profile function and multiple streaming solutions, iScripts Visual Caster is as good as Netflix or Amazon Prime. 

Watch List – The watch list feature is the quintessential part of a feasible OTT streaming app. People should come to the site and sieve out content that they want to watch later. It is an undeniable fact that the watch list option is part and parcel of OTT services, and we made sure to include the same in iScripts Visual Caster. 

Screen Monitor – Features such as screen monitoring and parental control may seem secondary but play a vital role in elevating the overall experience of choosing an OTT streaming app. iScripts VisualCaster is equipped with premium options of parental control and screen monitoring. 

Advantages of iScripts VisualCaster 

iScripts VisualCaster offer many advantages when compared to similar competition:

  1. Cost-effective – Instead of spending a tremendous amount of money and time in lead generation or creating a video streaming service, you can create a site at a fraction of the cost and maintain complete ownership of the same.
  2. Marketing – You can use your on-demand video streaming site as a marketing stratagem to heighten your brand’s popularity and esteem.
  3. Customization – Our on-demand OTT video streaming app solution provides customization options and themes for your convenience. We have ensured that all facets of a user-friendly service are covered.
  4. Unique Features – iScripts VisualCaster is available in multiple languages, and users can upload, distribute, manage and stream videos with their family and friends.
  5. Ownership – The software comes with a robust administrative panel so that you can have complete control over your website.
  6. Multi-device compactible– You can build your platform in both web and mobile easily.

Key Features of iScripts VisualCaster

  • The platform makes it streaming on multiple devices a possibility
  • Downloadable content
  • Users can create multiple profiles
  • Immaculate video quality
  • Excellent accessibility features
  • Massive library of films and television shows
  • The opportunity to watch content offline
  • Intro skipping option
  • Availability of audio and subtitles
  • Parental lock option
  • Smart search bar option
  • Admin dashboard option
  • Video content management
  • Simple video uploading and streaming
  • Video code function for easy embedding
  • Supportive of multiple video program types
  • User playlist management option
  • Favorites List
  • Free or paid website option
  • Supportive of Google AdSense and custom banners
  • User-friendly installation wizard
  • Open-source script with no encryption

How to Set Up a Netflix Clone with VisualCaster?

Video Streaming App

After installing the iScripts VisualCaster on your domain and service, you can immediately continue to add your logo, content, and relevant business information. After that, you can integrate your AdSense account with the system or create your custom plans to generate revenue. In case you feel that your website needs alteration at any specific time, you can contact the programmers at iScripts or opt for any PHP programmer to deal with the issue. 

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, iScripts VisualCaster is a tool you can make an income solely from your video streaming website. With features such as downloadable content, availability of multiple profiles, multiple streaming device compatibilities, and high-resolution audio-visual quality, there is nothing like iScripts VisualCaster anywhere right now. Moreover, it is ideal for generating some much-needed passive income through AdSense. The flexibility offered by iScripts VisualCaster is unmatched, and that is precisely what sets it apart from the rest. 

So, As you see the working of OTT On-demand Video Streaming App Solution, please contact us if you have an idea to create a similar application. We will help you make an online on-demand streaming application using open-source scripts.


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