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iScripts Vistacart, Shopping cart for retail stores is released

by Aji Abraham

There are many shopping cart software products in the market today. Most of them are designed for online only businesses. iScripts just released iScripts Vistacart, an open source shopping cart software designed for brick and mortar retail stores.

When you have a brick and mortar retail business, you need to expand your market using online stores. On that same token, you don’t want to spend all your time managing the online business. If you are like most retail operations, you don’t have the ability to watch your online store for new orders all the time. You have to take care of live customers in the store. We added features like fax orders which will send you a fax when there is a new order. You can easily set it up to send the order slip by fax so it can be shipped out without losing time. You can also have multiple online store managers with different rights and access levels for your employees.

You can configure the online store easily using the browser. You can select different themes, which are included free of cost. Then, drag and drop the home page to change the look and feel of the website. Your website can look anyway you want it to. The appearance of your website can definitely affect your business. If your website appears disorganized, or has a confusing color scheme, it will be difficult for potential consumers to take you seriously. Think about how you want to express your product to the worldwide customers then, just design it around that idea. If you don’t like any of the layouts provided for you, just contact us to help you modify it.

You can manage your inventory and sync with your retail store sales. It supports products with different product parameters like size, color etc.. This allows you to manage each type of inventory independently.
The store is designed with Search Engine Optimization in mind. This allows your website to have higher search engine rankings and hence you will obtain increased business. Therefore this feature will make sure you appear in the search engine results well ahead of your competition. Software supports versatile promo codes to test your marketing campaigns and bring in new customers.

Product returns are a huge headache when managing an online store. With an intuitive Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process you can help turn a negative experience into a positive one. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way your customer or even how your business wants them to. The RMA process is here to help you retrieve the information on the ‘returned’ product so you can give your customer the proper refund, credit, or exchange and neither party has unnecessary stress.

You can add products in a bulk format from an Excel sheet if you have large quantities of products. You can view different reports about your online business. These reports can be exported to Excel to further data management.

As with our other products like the multi seller shopping cart, and online store builder software, iScripts VistaCart supports payment gateways like Paypal, Google Checkout, World pay, YourPay, and Authorize.net.This software allows an offline credit card payment option where you can charge credit cards using your existing POS.

For real-time shipping calculation the software supports shipping options like UPS, USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, and Australia Post etc. Multiple flat rate shipping is also supported for simplifying the shipping process. Your customers need to know that they can rely on you. The previously mentioned payment gateways keep their personal information safe and secure. Since there are many payment gateways to choose from, even international clients can benefit from your business. It is always a good idea to be one step ahead of the competition, so instead of only relying on two payment gateways; this product offers five. If you need to add a different gateway, we can customize that for you.

Other features include:
• Multiple payment options for flexibility.
• Cart support multiple currency types.
• Multiple photo options per product, letting the site become as interactive as possible.
• Supports Digital products like eBooks, pictures, videos, software, templates etc.
• Automatic photo resizing, eliminating the know how to use other photo editing programs.
• Supports custom form fields for products and categories.
• Unlimited products, categories supported.

This feature rich open source ecommerce software is available for immediate download for $67. As with our other software products, this product is delivered as open source. Open source software is perfect because it lets you customize anything you need to meet your specific requirements. iScripts VistaCart works with you to maximize your businesses income and keep a successful relationship with your colleagues, customers, and future clientele. We work with you to further your business goals.

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