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Upstart P2P Loans – Business Model

by Mariya Parackal
upstart business model

You must have heard of the financial company named Upstart. It is a financial service company in the United States that has developed an artificial intelligence platform to help people of the United States get access to affordable credit. It was founded in 2012 April by three influencers, namely Dave Girouard, Paul Gu, and Anna Counselman. After the emergence of a platform powered by artificial intelligence, the company experienced a massive profit. This gave rise to the increase in numbers from $84 to $170 in less than a month. 

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However, this growth changed direction on June 8. At present, the stocks of Upstart are being traded at a value that is below $125. So, unfortunately, the company that once tasted such rapid success is now valued less in the market. 

The Upstart Business Model 

In the United States, Upstart acts like an intermediary from where buyers and sellers can credit products. To offer these credit products, the company takes a look at the following essentials: 

  1. Employment history 
  2. Credit experience 
  3. Previous bank transfers 
  4. Education 

The data that is gathered by Upstart is then utilized totally with the consumers that the partnering banks have offered credit products. Here, the process by which loans are sanctioned is entirely automated. This is proven more evidently because 71% of the approved loan in the first half were also transacted via computerized transactions. 

Suppose you are an investor and would prefer to gain the support of the financial services sector. In that case, you will not be able to do so unless and until you get the credit risks from banks and related other conventional financial institutions. In such cases, Upstart aims to help investors with an excellent opportunity to invest without bothering about the credit risks. This is because when Upstart allows investors with credit products, they gather the majority of the revenue from the banks. 

Outlook of Macroeconomy 

The global digital lending market has been well showcased by Mordor Intelligence, where they expect a growth of 11.9% annually. This growth, they believe, is sure to continue and be noticed by 2026 and can be made possible by the use of technological developments like Machine learning and artificial intelligence. In this perspective, North America is the largest market so far and will continue to be so in the upcoming period. 

You might wonder why the revenue can be expected at such a high rate. This is because banks and fintech platforms have gathered invaluable data over the last couple of years. As a result, banks can now target and trigger the potential audience for credit products effectively. 

Besides, due to the massive lockdown worldwide and health conditions related to the emergence of Covid-19, several Americans now have taken to using online financial service platforms. Therefore, newbies in this field will likely take more help from the digital financial platform in the upcoming years. As a result, this will yield a permanent credit procedure by the fintech companies and banks on the potential customers. The Upstart, too, falls into this category. 

Proper decision-making of the companies 

Initially, Upstart began by paying attention to the unsecured personal loan market that prevailed in the United States. Gradually, it started spreading its arms into the attractive automated finance industry. In March 2020, Upstart signed an agreement where they agreed to take over the Prodigy. This is an excellent opportunity for Upstart to use cloud-based automated software for their financing purposes. 

The reason to venture and explore more in the software-generated financing sector gained momentum when $800 million vehicles were sold through Prodigy in the first half. Now, Upstart can emerge as one of the pivotal and pioneering financing companies to have embraced digitalization as none have generated auto-financing in their workings. 

Recently, the company is said to be entering into the mortgage market, thereby opening new avenues for their growth and development in the future. If Upstart can carry on in this manner, it could emerge as one of the best digital arenas that provide different credit requirements to the American market. Eventually, the market value of Upstart that has dropped down is going to increase gradually. 

What has Wall Street got to say? 

To take a financing company from $57.3 million in 2017 to $233.4 million in 2020 is not a matter of joke. This is to the credit of all the advantageous macroeconomic conditions and the new joint ventures that Upstart has got into. However, since then the company lost some of its good run because of new market situations after COVID-19 pandemic. As of 2022, the company is expected to explore and expand into new horizons in the upcoming years and see immense profit incurring in their favor. 


According to the latest reports, Upstart’s Q4 2021 sales increased an incredible 252% year-over-year (YOY), reaching $305 million! Net income in this period was 58.9 million, The company hopes to grow more and land into diverse business sectors and provide potential customers with more opportunities.

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