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Best Tools for Startups and Entrepreneurs

by Noyal Sharook
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What tools should you use for your new startup?

There are many different tools and resources out there.

I’ve compiled a list of the most valuable tools for entrepreneurs and startup owners.

Here is the ultimate list of tools & resources for startups and entrepreneurs.

Productivity Tools for Startups

  • Notion: Take notes and organise your tasks.
  • Trello: Organize your team & prioritise work.
  • Slack: Collaborate with your team.
  • Dropbox: Easy file sharing for everyone.
  • Soon: Plan what you are doing next.
  • Scoro: Work management software.
  • Freedcamp: Project management for teams.
  • Monday: Manage projects & automate repetitive tasks.
  • Zapier: Build automated workflows to automate your tasks.
  • Wire: Collaborate with your team with end-to-end encryption.
  • Hugo: Manage meeting, notes & tasks in one simple dashboard.
  • Brain.fm: Listen to music that boosts productivity.

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Marketing Tools for Startups

  • Quuu: Automatically curate content for social media.
  • Buffer: Plan and schedule social media content.
  • Google Trends: Discover trending searches & topics
  • ActiveCampaign: Email marketing software.
  • Hubspot: Costly all-in-one marketing suite but worth it
  • ChatGPT: Free AI chatbot for reaserch and content

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Design Tools for Startups

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  • Canva: A freemium web-based design application.
  • Palettte: Free palette editing and remapping tool.
  • Unsplash: Ultimate stock image library, with free license.
  • Projector: Bring you ideas to life in videos, slides & designs.
  • ScreenGuru: Take clean website screenshots.
  • Microsoft Designer: AI assisted design application

Finance Tools for Startups

Quickbooks: Accounting software for small businesses.

Stripe: The most reliable online payment processor.

Baremetrics: Subscription metrics, engagement & insights.

Free Invoice Builder: Generate PDF invoices fast & free.

Recurly: Recurring billing & subscription management platform

Website Tools for Startups

  • Ghost: Launch your own subscription blog.
  • Envato Elements: Unlimited digital assets under one subscription.
  • Carrd: Simple, free, fully responsive one-page websites.
  • Cloudways: Fast & secure managed hosting platform.
  • CloudManager: 24/7 monitoring and support for your applications
  • Divi: WordPress theme with built in page builder.
  • iScripts: Turnkey software for creating all types of businesses

Resources for Startups

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