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Turnkey Script for the Printing Industry

by Milan Mathew

Print industry experts Cary Sherburne and David Zwang stated “We always hear print is dead, but the truth is print is very viable. It’s not just about ‘How many pieces of paper can I get off the end of the press?’ anymore. It’s about looking at what’s out there, being creative and using print to add value in so many different areas.”

Printing Industry

It’s been apparent that businesses within the printing industry seeking long-term survival must stay significant and relevant. In order to accomplish this,  an imperative change in current methodologies and strategies is necessary. This calls for services like custom printing and extensive customer engagement within the print design process.

The sizes of printing houses have significantly reduced with advanced technologies, but without compromising quality. The reduction in demand is canceled out with the adaptation of the ‘as-a-service economy’ where customer preference for services over products and subscriptions over purchases is permeating.

Print-on-demand business models are one most entrepreneurs are going for nowadays. Delivering this model is what we are going to focus on, while also reviewing some reliable tools.

Consider you have to set up your printing houses, are ready to accept printing requests and are looking to deliver huge options for your customers. You can expect customers who are proficient in design and those with just starting ideas of their requirements.

How can you manage both? Your printing end requires a completed ready-to-print input. You may go on and hire a dedicated designer for this purpose, but it can be a burden for your finances. This is where web technologies can come to the rescue.

Pre-built solutions for web-to-print business models help you accept customer needs of any level and provide options suitable for your printing resource without a need for an extra process manager.

Turnkey solutions for printing businesses, like iScripts PrintLogic, help entrepreneurs set up and manage an e-commerce website with online editing functionalities, a comprehensive order management platform and better overall business and financial management options.

This software solution supports customizations according to your needs, along with offering trouble-free installation to customers. The AJAX-based design studio is responsive and contains easy-to-use designer tools along with multiple print output formats (PNG, PDF, TIFF, SVG, JPG) at 3000 dpi.

Check out how iScripts PrintLogic is undoubtedly the complete solution for your printing business. Features are aplenty and the way it works is an interesting thing to check out.

Luckily, we’ve already acquired a list of features and listed out some basic necessities that a good web software solution should contain, both generally speaking, and in particular when choosing a viable print solution for online business.

  • Responsive look and feel – Make sure you can actually accomplish the tasks needed to complete the job! This can be determined ahead of time by testing a demo of the product.
  • Unlimited product catalog listings – How many products can you add? Some companies will limit your options in order to squeeze additional money from you. Do your homework ahead of time to make sure you’re not missing out on important details.
  • Features to let users design online – Will your users have access to tools they will actually enjoy using?
  • Print Ordering – Can you order after designing your product? This part is crucial! Make sure you’re not buying half the solution you need!
  • Quotation feature – What if someone wants a design or option you don’t have available online? Provide yourself with the opportunity to still service your customer
  • Support for all Modern Features (Text, Clipart, Fonts)
  • Ready to Print output format support – What format will the solution render back to your team? JPG won’t do the job! If you want to print a quality product, make sure your software allows you to.
  • Ability to configure an unlimited number of Print Slides

Many operational businesses need to support the whole business with the software they choose. Although not necessarily linked directly to each other, all processes need to be addressed.

A decent print software will accomplish the points above, but a truly amazing one will give you total control of your business within one click. This will ensure orders are not only placed but also effectively executed and fulfilled without wasting time, extra money or resources.

Some over-the-top features that a print software might accomplish includes:

  • Systematic Job Sheet and Order Management
  • Well Organized Print Procurement
  • Marketing/Brand Management
  • Centralized Billing and Reporting
  • Well-documented Management Strategies

Where can you possibly find a solution that covers these specifications?  

iScripts, the one-stop-shop for all software solutions that encompass almost every online business, has created the perfect solution. iScripts PrintLogic is a popular software package, equipped with way more than just the basics.

Have questions about iScripts PrintLogic and how it can work with your existing business or online business idea?

Call us at (312) 423-6728 with any questions you may have. We’d be happy to explain how our software works including any additional business need you may have. We also offer custom work at a reasonable rate. 

Try the LIVE DEMO! For questions related to how you can navigate or take advantage of the platform, contact us. We can also provide a portfolio of previous work. Don’t hesitate to contact us with a custom request. We can alter the script to fit your needs if required. 

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