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Top Projects of April

by Milan Mathew

We have customers all over the world taking advantage of our products and solutions. All of our products include technical support and business models built right into the site. Check out these customers who have built their own online ventures using iScripts software packages.

Marine Connection


Marine Connection is a social networking website designed specifically for the Merchant Marine/shipping and related industries worldwide. It invites all marine shipping industry personnel to join the website to create a unique networking platform, very specific to the Marine industry.

The following are the major functions a user can carry out on the Marine Connection website:

  • Profile: Sign up, and use the options for receiving/declining emails or messages from registered users on the site. Select a category under which you fall. Enroll your business in the marine/shipping directory.
  • Employment Posts: Receive employment posts from registered users.
  • Post Jobs: For any of your job postings i.e. if your company is looking to hire someone.
  • MGigs: These are marine gigs (contracts) i.e. a one time or contract job.
  • Example, “We are looking for a marine surveyor to carry out a draft survey in Durban”
  • Brainstorm: These are marine/shipping related queries such as “How do I fix this equipment” or “What does this marine regulation mean in simple terminology?” etc.
  • Directory: The marine/shipping industry directory to help connect globally.
  • Connections: Invite other users to connect with you.
  • Pending connections: Connections whom you have not yet accepted their request to connect with you.
  • Declined Connections: Connections requests you have declined.
  • Suggestions: You can suggest one of your connections to connect with another connection.

This site was created using iScripts Socialware – an open-source, social networking software. The package allows you to create a social networking site while also offering physical or virtual products for purchase, along with the ability to charge subscription fees and bring in ad revenue. 

As the site owner, you control all main website operations within the iScripts Socialware Administrator Panel. You can manage all users, products, payments, affiliates, and ads directly from the backend of the social network. Choose how to operate your community and run your online business using just one piece of affordable software.

Luxe Vacation Properties

Luxe Vacation Properties – http://luxevacationproperties.com/
Luxe Vacation Properties is an online vacation property booking engine which is derived from iScripts ReserveLogic. Luxe Vacation Properties is the ideal opportunity for travel vacations.

At Luxe, the guests enjoy a luxurious lifestyle while still indulging in all the comforts of home. Luxe specializes in the vacation rental market alongside South Florida’s Gold Coast. From Palm Beach to Miami, and from the Keys to everything in between, they own and manage some of the most luxurious oceanfront and Intracoastal waterway properties.

Here are a few of the main features in Luxe Vacation Properties:

  • Advanced Search Functionality – Users can take advantage of filters and Google Maps, built right into the software
  • User Rating and Review Systems – User ratings have a lot of weight for potential buyers. Take advantage of this by offering it on your site
  • Fast Booking & Secure Payment – Customers on your site will be able to choose from major payment gateways already included in the software (Authorize.net, WorldPay, YourPay, PayPal, PayPal Pro, BluePay)
  • Responsive user interface for the buyer side – Your site will look the same on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Ensure your customer see all the info they need, while also increasing your search rank
  • Powerful Admin Panel to Manage Users, Listings and Payments – Included in the software is inventory control, exportable and detailed reports, multiple admins and sub-admin creation and privileges, group bookings and data listing widgets. With a number of features available right at your fingertips, you have full control over your site at all levels and times.
  • Integrated Google Maps – Customers can quickly find the perfect property or rental and see the exact location, making it easier to plan and book.
  • Supports Multiple Agent Users – Add as many agents to the system as you can. If you run this type of business model, the software will not limit your agents.

This online booking site was created using our one-of-a-kind iScripts ReserveLogic software. This is an online reservation software, ideal for small/medium bed and breakfast businesses, hotels, resorts, motels, guest houses, campgrounds, travel agents and more. There are 3 main ways to use this software – one location, multiple locations, or Airbnb. Create multiple listings without owning property, but by using ads and being a middleman.

For more information or questions related to how you can take advantage of the platform, contact us at (312) 423-6728 or email to sales@iscripts.com

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