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Top 15 On-demand service platforms, changing the consumer landscape

by Milan Mathew

On-demand service sites and apps are changing the ways that many of us get the services that we require. Many of the services offered by these companies have been around for a long time, but either didn’t scale to meet different levels of needs or weren’t available in some areas.

Whether you need a ride to the airport, a place to stay, or someone to design flyers for your event, these On-Demand platforms can help you get the job done. We reviewed some of the significant on-demand service marketplaces impacting the gig economy.

Lodging and Recreation

Airbnb is a popular site for travelers to find temporary accommodation in lived-in houses. The owners of the houses, usually staying somewhere else themselves, list their home on the website with a per-night rate like hotels. At rates typically competitive with area hotels, you get the run of a whole house. This system is excellent for people with large families who would need multiple hotel rooms anyway.

LiquidSpace works like Airbnb, but for office space. This site lets you rent available but unused office space by the hour, the month, or longer term. This site is perfect for entrepreneurs or start-ups who may need a temporary workspace away from home or a place to set-up shop while looking for a permanent property.

RVShare is the solution for portable lodging. From pop-up trailers and truck trailers to Class A motorhomes, this site lets you rent RVs at a daily rate beginning at less than $10/day.

BoatSetter is like RVShare, but for boats. It’s generally more expensive than RVShare and charges per half-day rather than per day. It’s still a fun and affordable way to spend time on the water if you don’t have a boat or weren’t able to bring your boat on vacation with you. Some prices also include a captain who can drive your boat for you, so you don’t need to know how to pilot a watercraft to have fun on one.

Spinlister is similar to BoatSetter and RVShare but is for bicycles. Cheaper than most bike-rental places and more likely to exist in a small town, Spinlisters let you use their bikes on an affordable short-term lease system while you’re in the area.

Rideshare and Delivery

You’ve probably heard of Uber. It’s like a taxi service but without a lot of the things that can make taxis so… awkward. It’s also available in a lot of places that don’t have taxi services. It’s not just taxis, however. In many areas, you can specify that you want a black car or a limo for professional or formal occasions, or that you need a minivan for larger groups.

Lyft is similar to Uber, but the two services have different coverage zones. If you don’t have one in your area, you probably have the other.

If you don’t want to leave the house to eat at your favorite restaurant, but they don’t deliver, consider Grubhub. This site allows you to pay people to drive to your favorite restaurant, pick up your order, and bring it to you. Provided your favorite restaurant has a take-out or to-go option.

Postmates is like Grubhub, except they don’t just deliver food. They will deliver food, but they’ll also deliver just about anything else. Don’t have time to pick up your dry-cleaning before a wedding or a presentation at work? Have a Postmate bring it to you.


You may or may not consider Etsy to be an on-demand service. It’s sort of like an on-demand service because the products are made by individuals, not by companies, so everything that you get is hand-made and completely unique. It’s not entirely like an on-demand service, however, because you’re very limited in how personalized a product you get. In most cases, you buy products that have already been made rather than requesting one made to your specifications.

DeviantArt is an online community of artists. From conventional media like paint and pencil art to photography and digital media, there’s seemingly no end to the content on DeviantArt. All of the content can be viewed for free, but it can also be downloaded for a price paid to the artist, and most of the artists will take commissions. This can be a great way to discover new artists and to purchase custom art.


TaskRabbit is a platform for finding freelance workers who perform non-specialized labor. Need your gutters fixed? Yard cleaned? Find a TaskRabbit.

YourMechanic is like TaskRabbit but specifically for working on your car or motorcycle. You get a professional mechanic (and pay for a professional mechanic) but the mechanic comes to you, saving you the time and price of having your vehicle brought into the shop.

UpWork.com is like TaskRabbit but for more technical jobs. If you want someone to proofread your blog or spruce up your website, this site is where you can find professional editors, writers, researchers, web designers, and more.

LawTrades isn’t quite an “on-demand” site in that you might not want to use it to try to find a lawyer to settle your divorce, or provide other long-term services. It’s more like for when you have a preliminary question to help you decide what path to take or whether to take legal action. If you think that your landlord might have wronged you on the deposit or you might be able to challenge an insurance claim after a minor accident, ask about it on LawTrades before planning your next step.

Care.com is a site that allows you to find “caregivers” on this site, that is broadly defined and includes anything from pet-sitters to babysitters, to nurses and senior care professionals. The site can also be used to find tutors and housekeepers.

UrbanSitter is kind of like Care.com, but it is precisely for children. That makes it a little easier to sort through options and find exactly what you need, provided that you don’t need senior care or the more advanced nurse positions that you can fill on Care.com.

This article has only scratched the surface of the available services that are out there. For whatever job you, chances are there’s someone out there who is willing and able to do it for you, and they’re only a click away.

The critical part of an online service platform is to have a robust software platform. Turn Key solution like On-Demand service platform iScripts UberforX gives the feature to run uber like service for food, taxi, health, maid, etc. which improves revenue for existing business or newly starting. It includes mobile apps to make helpful to both provider and users. A user can choose an appropriate service to provide and book an appointment from the app.  You as the platform owner takes a percentage of the revenue or a monthly fee from the providers.

If you were to create a new On-demand marketplace, what would it do?

Mobile App Specifications

Mobile Apps are available for Providers as well as Users. The turnkey user app lets customeuber5rs choose an appropriate service provider and book an appointment for service. The users can use this handy application to schedule the services provided by the admin. For example, Users can hop on to a Total Fitness App, and easily find the right service and staff to address their specific needs on their schedule that works for their life. This turnkey vendor app lets the vendors get schedules well in advance, further allowing them to plan their business in a better way. The features include:

  •     Search for fitness service providers based on the desired service and availability
  •     Lookup from the available list of service provider
  •     Map view & list view are available, along with a rating & review of service providers offered
  •     Bookstaff & services for your desired time slots
  •     Fitness providers can see all bookings
  •     View a sorted list of reservations by date and staff

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