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Top 10 Best Bartering Apps for Android & iOS

by Vishnu R

Bartering, a system of trading goods and services for other goods and services, has evolved into a global practice where the value of items exchanged can be mutually agreed upon. With the advent of the Internet, connecting buyers, sellers, and traders has become more convenient, facilitating the exchange of products and services. 

The rise of online bartering apps has gained popularity as a quick and efficient way for people to trade items or materials. Numerous Android and iOS bartering apps are now available for bartering, offering users a simple and easy trading experience.

 Here are ten top online bartering apps that can streamline your trading process.


TradeMade is a trade and barter app for goods and services. TradeMade offers a user-friendly interface to trade and barter. In TradeMade you can sell goods and services in any combination. 

TradeMade is partnered with other organizations to build a diverse and abundant carbon metric database. TradeMade will let you know about the environmental cost of goods. 

In TradeMade you can upload fashion items, shoes, phones, laptops, gadgets, furniture, handcrafted goods, gifts, etc there is much more stuff you can upload. 

The tasks that you can upload are tutoring, web development, graphic design, transportation, laundry, online marketing and many more. 


Freecycle is popular for trading, swapping and bartering. While inputting your location you can pick people nearby to trade, barter, and swap with.

It is an entirely non-profit movement of people who are giving stuff for free in their own towns and neighborhoods. Freecycle is all about Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. 


Letgo is an application with online classifieds which allows the users to connect with each other for buying and selling. The app is easy to use, Seller has to take pictures of the item he is going to sell. And list the items in the site, For buyers, when they search for the item they want to buy Letgo will show the items which are closer to their location. 

On the ‘Build Trust’ feature of Letgo users can verify their profiles. These verified profiles will get more visitors and items will be sold easily. 


Swapub is a bartering app for those who are searching for goods and services around the world. You can use this app in any language that makes it easy for communication between different people from different countries. Swapub also provides many filters.

If you want to exchange something you don’t need anymore, you are able to create ad editing images and short videos to it. You can also share your goods on social networks so your friends can be engaged in bartering too.


Just find the item you need and exchange it for another item in consultation with the seller. Make donations to members of all sorts of communities. Get some items, products, and services for free. HaveNeed has tens of thousands of different items. You can bargain for an item of interest or get the service you want without using a bank card or wallet.

Now up to 5 users can join the conversation simultaneously. Huge selection and optimal bartering conditions make HaveNeed one of the most popular apps in its field. Do a general cleaning of your closets and turn your unwanted items into great investments.


Promote your company’s services and products, test new products, and practice your skills. The app allows you to shop wherever the buyer and seller are. Use handy filters to find the right product near you if you want. Unclutter your closet, remove unnecessary items, and look for an update for yourself. You don’t have to spend your own money, just an exchange. 

You can find a variety of categories of goods for the home, cosmetics, and household chemicals. A huge number of things in all sizes and manufacturers. Get quality services without paying: offer your items in return. Offer your services and products, find interested users, and negotiate exchanges quickly and efficiently.


Swopr will help you to find people and items to trade fast and easy. Upload the goods and services or things you want to swap. Browse the items that are also added by other users and choose what you want. On your dashboard, you can view all your goods and the number of matches.

Let’s Barter

Let’s Barter is a convenient and fast matching app that helps to barter goods and services. Using this application you can exchange your items for what you need. The mobile application lets users offer things like electronics, electronic games, books, and their services, such as accounting, bookkeeping, or cooking recipes.


If you are an advocate of bartering, be sure to check out the helpful OverShare app. It allows you to get the things and services you want without using cash. If you have the skills and free time, if you have a lot of unnecessary things in your closet, welcome to this platform. Here users make deals every day that benefit both parties.

You will find many different categories here. Lovers of antiques will appreciate the selection and the pleasant terms of buying things. Those wishing to buy a vintage board game or book will receive many offers.

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