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Tips and Tricks for Selling Online

by Milan Mathew

The online marketplace has opened its doors for both buyers and sellers to interact and conduct a better business. Buyers, as in whomever is interested in purchasing products, can find them easily within just a simple tap or click of a mouse. For sellers targeting niche markets, the online marketplace offers a wide range of opportunity to reach prospective buyers and increase income.

Want to know the best tips and tricks to survive in the current e-commerce industry? If you are planning to sell products online, whether it’s a single product or multiple products, there are many things that you can modify on your website to easily increase your sales.

There are several things you can do to further the success of your sales, increase customer satisfaction, and protect yourself and the money you make. Whether you operate solely online or simply wish to add another dimension to your business, it is imperative you get it right.

Here are some of the top tips and tricks that can help you to sell online:

  1. Always be focused on product descriptions: Try to write down your own product descriptions as this will help you to stand out from your competitors.
  2. Integrate social media: Include links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on your website. By making yourself available on social media, you’ll be able to get to know your customers and answer any questions they may have.
  3. Don’t let your website get messy: Customers always look for a clean, simple interface that clearly display the products offered. Anything you do to complicate this will lessen your chances of a sale.
  4. Minimize clicks to maximize sales: Wherever possible, aim for as few clicks as possible before the actual payment process.
  5. Choose the right payment method: Pick the right payment method for your business. This could be credit cards, PayPal, Google Checkout or others.
  6. Categorize the products clearly: Ensure your search tool is clearly categorized and includes multiple categories. Allow users to search by brand, season, price, etc.
  7. Integrate SEO: Having an attractive website is useless unless you can drive people there. Make sure you improve your search engine ranking.

Here are some of the things you should consider putting on your product page:

  • Product images
  • Descriptions (make sure its unique and not copied from another source)
  • Technical specs
  • Expert store reviews
  • User reviews and ratings
  • Warranty / Shipping information and options
  • Product Summary – small image with summary info and buy now button (one last chance to convert them)
  • Follow us on Facebook
  • Adverts
  • Newsletter sign up
  • Blog page snippets
  • Be careful of navigation lists and menu items

After having a clear understanding on the above techniques, iScripts has developed a complete solution for the users who are looking forward to starting a business online easily and quickly. iScripts has been working for years developing more useful scripts for current technology. Here is the Benefits of Multi-Seller Shopping Cart

In the process, we’ve also become well established and able to meet the current requirements needed for many ecommerce platforms. We now have scripts which are uniquely designed for our clients looking forward to easily set up an ecommerce platform. iScripts produces the best and most affordable scripts for e-commerce. Options include the following:

iScripts MultiCart: Online marketplace script with multiple vendor support


iScripts MultiCart is a unique multi seller shopping cart that enables you to have one storefront and multiple vendors for physical or digital products. Multicart is a unique multi vendor shopping cart software that allows you to easily create your own ecommerce marketplace with multiple vendors in the backend, similar to Etsy or Amazon Marketplace.

Mobile Apps are available for sellers as well as buyers.

iScripts GoStores: Online store creating software.


iScripts GoStores is an online store builder software.

Create and operate an online business similar to Shopify or Volution!

This exclusive software package includes integration with major domain registrars, as well as billing, account management and help desk support.

iScripts MultiCart Enterprise: Drop shipping business system

iScripts MultiCart Enterprise Edition is one of the premium e-commerce solutions designed to serve the needs of various complex business models incorporating distributors, manufacturers, vendors, resellers, and fulfillment agencies all working in unison from a single administrator panel and database. iScripts MultiCart Enterprise allows third parties to sell and work independently to sell their own products, your products, and even each other’s products. Here is the 10 Common Mistakes When Starting an Online Business

eSwap – Online Swapping Platform Software

iScripts eSwap allows you to set up a swap website with an escrow service. The administrator of the site can specify if the escrow is provided or not. Admin can also specify different categories, commission for listing items for swap.

iScripts believes in producing the best quality products and making the best software and apps for the outside world. This has been proven over years through our dedication to our clients.

Similar to Craigslist and Swap.com, iScripts eSwap is a bartering system which allows you to create your own swap meet website where users can easily buy, sell and swap items.

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We also offer custom development of web and mobile apps at a reasonable rate.

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