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Threadless Clone

by Aji Abraham

Have you created a Threadless shirt? Chances are you have not but have heard of the successful website and its interesting business model that crowdsources design and manufacturers the products.Every week, users within this artistic online community create about 1,000 t-shirt designs. These designs are then voted on and the declared winner receives $200o in cash along with Threadless gift cards or cash. The winner also receives $500 each time the design is printed.

Thinking of starting a similar site? Although you may consider the same product for your own online business, you can also use the business model for a variety of products and niche markets. You may think this would be a difficult operation to start but if you decide to use a ready-made script or Threadless clone, it is actually very cost-effective and within your reach.

Usually building a site from scratch can cost thousands of dollars and months of work.  By using a script already designed for your business, you can get a head start and save money.  Use this budget to instead market your site and gain users. This way, you can utilize your budget efficiently while giving your site a greater chance of success.

iScripts PrintLogic is a Threadless clone script that allows you to input your own products, brand, images, and content.  The site is built with all the necessary components and features that an online business similar to Threadless would need to possess.  Choose your own operating mode along with payment gateways. Charge users for extra colors or designs if desired. Once a design is created, they can be shared via social networks to fuel popularity and awareness.  Designs can be easily printed as the software automatically generates high-resolution vector files.

With a Threadless clone, you can benefit from the main perks that made Threadless so successful. The business is completely yours to edit and change at any point.  Once you feel you can put more into the site, consider using a PHP programmer from iScripts or employing your own programmer to achieve your desired results.

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