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The Best Online Food Delivery Apps

by Mariya Parackal
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Along with the changes in technology, most of the people now depend on apps for their daily needs to be done. With a huge number of audiences from different cities or countries, people don’t have enough time to cook in their hectic life. Thus online food delivery apps become most popular among users. 

The on-demand food delivery services are growing rapidly and proving itself to be more effective to the customers. The on-demand food delivery service jobs allow individuals to work at their own pace and at their own hours.

One will get confused to see the many apps in the App Store or Play store. 

These types of user behavior change have created a strong demand for web-based and mobile on-demand food delivery services. Customers changed from conventional phone call based ordering services to online platforms that allow them to order a wide range of foods from several restaurants all within one app or site.

Most of the on-demand delivery services supply ratings and reviews of restaurants and allows the user to pay with a single tap on their mobile phones and tablets. Food delivery start-ups brought in a good deal of attention from customers and also investors and have actually developed higher valuations.

Considering the changes that took place, digital technologies also changed the food delivery market place. Modern customers are used to shopping online through a wide variety of apps expecting the same convenience when it comes to ordering meals. To retain their customer’s restaurants that provide their own services have to capture by offering mobile food ordering options.

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Here is the list of best online food delivery apps, so you don’t have to take much time to select among the apps. 

Best Food Delivery Service Apps


Online food delivery service Seamless is available in more than 600 cities around the world. It offers access to thousands of restaurants with app discounts and deals. There is no fee to use this app, but it has a delivery fee of $6 set by the restaurants.

The payment is done through Venmo and other payment apps are also available for Seamless. Seamless gives you a referral bonus of $7 if you get a new person at each order. Know more about Seamless Clone Script

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Online food delivery app GrubHub is available in more than 2200 cities around the world. It has access to more than 50,000 restaurants. The app is free to use and the delivery fees depend on the restaurant you have chosen. While you enter your location it will show you all the neighborhood restaurants in your current area.

GrubHub provides an option to search for your specific menu item or by cuisine. Customers can also search for restaurants with coupon codes and can use Venmo for online payments.

Further facilities offered by GrubHub include:

  • Orders are supported by the company’s 24/7 customer service teams
  • GrubHub’s portfolio of brands includes GrubHub, Seamless, Eat24, AllMenus, and MenuPages.
  • The food is covered in a branded bag and sent with delivery executives.
  • GrubHub’s advanced technology allows tracking the delivery for both restaurants and customers.

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The food delivery app DoorDash is available in more than 900 cities around the world. If you value quality the most, then DoorDash is the best option because it has a scoring system that rates restaurants under some factors. If you are in the U.S, Canada, Chicago or any North American Countries, when you search for a food delivery app near me the result will be DoorDash. The app also has a real-time order tracking system.

It is an on-demand restaurant delivery service that delivers breakfast, lunch, dinner from your selected restaurant and even they deliver alcoholic beverages.

The methods adopted by Doordash to implement their ideas against their competitors are,

  • The application works by pinging drivers along with restaurant location and destination.
  • It calculates the distance between the driver location to the delivery location.
  • DoorDash has no specific set-up fees.
  • The only costs for partner restaurants is a rev-share varying from 10-25% based on the restaurant.
  • it focuses on all three sides of the food delivery business model: coordination between restaurants, drivers and customers.
  • It has contracts with drivers and is thus able to take control over the entire delivery process.

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Uber Eats

The food ordering and delivery service UberEats is now available in more than 1000 cities around the world. One of the popular online food ordering app in India is UberEats. UberEats is a venture of Uber Technologies (taxi service), but Uber and UberEats are two different apps with almost the same features. UberEats is an independent on-demand app that is now available in Chicago and Los Angeles. The growth of UberEats increased instantly as a reason for its availability in smaller cities.

You can use your Uber account to search the nearby restaurants and delivers in a quick span of time. The service fee of UberEats is 15% of the order and it varies as per the location of restaurants. 

Let’s have a look at how Ubereats promotes their business.

  • Orders are prepaid and pre-made well before a driver arrives.
  • When a customer places an order, the driver can pick the order through the app.
  • It relies on the restaurant’s attempt to guarantee that customers receive freshly prepared food at the appropriate temperature.
  • Sometimes, the driver has to wait while the meal is preparing.
  • Ubereats also use a closed-bag for food delivery.
  • Orders will be inspected by the restaurant and handed to the driver. The driver will handover to the customer.

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The food delivery service of Postmates is different than other food delivery apps. It is available in more than 3000 cities throughout the U.S and D.C. You will get free delivery for orders more than $20. The coolest part of Postmates is it will pick up anything from anywhere and delivers at your doorstep. You can order groceries, food and even alcohol from thousands of stores, shops, and restaurants.

Unless Postmates partner with any restaurants the only limitation is your location. The delivery fee of Postmates is $2 – $4 for partner merchants and $6 – $10 for other merchants. 

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The on-demand delivery service Delivery is available in more than 100 cities over the U.S. The Delivery app not only delivers food, groceries, and alcohol, It also delivers gifts and laundry. And that is the one that separates the Delivery app among the other apps. You will get points for each purchase and customers can redeem the collected points to prizes or as free credits.

The App makes money by taking a small percentage from the pre-tip subtotal of the customer. The Delivery app doesn’t charge you a fee to use the service which is similar to GrubHub and Seamless. 

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How to create an online food delivery app?

iScripts NetMenus is an online restaurant delivery software with an administrator panel where you can manage restaurants, customers, orders, payments and many more. 

Nowadays there exists a strong demand for web-based and mobile on-demand food delivery services just because the current focus is mainly on something only called ‘convenience‘. People always look forward to having better options with a minimal number of paths in between which leads to the promotion of such modern sources of food delivery.

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Read the steps you have to consider and follow the things to know before you build an on-demand mobile app.

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