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Tech Geek Or Tech Chic?

by Sheri Levitt

The geek who reads tech magazines and drinks lattes at Starbucks is not only successful in the business world but also has that progressively modern or “cool” image. In 2014, it’s actually pretty chic to be a tech geek. Leather jackets, large glasses, and fashionable laptop bags are totally representative of urban fashion. Technology and fashion are making headway with the advancements in wearable technology.

Intel recently launched a high-end line of wearable technology including watches and bracelets. The company also recently teamed up with Fossil to create a much more intricately designed, luxurious product. The high price of the products can be justified because of their ease, function, and visual appeal. These bracelets and watches appeal to the masses. Whether you are a tech-savvy businessman on the go or you are a more fashionable student, there is about to be a major trend in wearable technology. What is even more interesting is that fitness is the top use for wearable technology. Do you think that this means that we are headed to form a much healthier generation?

Intel MICA Bracelet Intel “MICA” Bracelet
Image from Digital Trends

Coincidentally, two days after Intel’s “MICA” bracelet turned heads during New York’s fashion week, Apple launched the Apple “Watch.” You can select a leather, sport, or link band. The fully customizable watch boasts an elegant design and the ability to have millions of faces for an always changeable look.

The cost of the Apple “Watch” is minimal compared to the designer MICA bracelet by Intel. However, it is predicted that the top tier version of the watch could be priced up to $5000.00. Although it is hardly a Rolex, Apple boasts the ability to create a modernized luxury brand.

Diane von Furstenberg even recently collaborated to create high-end frames specifically for Google Glass. There are 5 bundles of DVF glasses available on Net A Porter and you can even add the DVF clip-on sunglasses. The flashy sunglasses make the Google Glass look extremely fashion forward and futuristic. However, the glasses cost almost $2000.00 which seems to be a hefty price tag for a pair of “designer” smart glasses.

Watches and bracelets are not the only directions of wearable tech. Gloves, sports bands, sneakers, and dresses are just the tip of the iceberg. Wearable technology is making headway and will be the trend to look out for in 2015.

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