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Swap Your Traditional Bartering for an Online System

by Milan Mathew

Sure, you’ve heard of barter systems, but do you know what they are in modern times?

You might only envision these scenarios taking place in ancient marketplaces and distant lands, but it’s still a surprisingly efficient system for exchanging goods without the use of cash.

When we look back into history, we can see bartering was a fairly common occurrence between strangers. As we look into the present world, we can see modern-day people typically only barter when in a time of crisis. But little did we know the internet would help make this means of exchange applicable to our modern world.

Swap Traditional Bartering for an Online System

Since the bartering system has been around from long ago, one would think this practice would have changed in some way, but the process has pretty much remained the same.

These days, it’s very uncommon to walk through the street or market of our world and find people bartering. On the other hand, technology has its own way of making this system applicable to modern times.

How does bartering work online and what makes it beneficial?

In order to make the system work, people who participate in bartering should be equally interested in each other’s goods. Traditionally, bartering is carried out by two or three people. As web 2.0 is out, the interaction between users has increased.

This has brought many platforms into existence, making it feasible for people all over the world to find specific items while showcasing those they no longer need. A more connected world has made bartering easier than ever, without the use of currency.

Online websites used for swapping has made bartering more advanced than ever. Nowadays we have lots of swapping websites that will make the exchange possible in just a few steps. All a user has to do is register on a website, post items for sale and list required goods.

This efficient method is a far cry from the ancient system! As websites make people aware of goods recently made available, they can also provide additional information about the offer and easy ways to close the deal.

If we look at the process from a site administrator’s perspective, he/she could give the registration for free or require it to be a paid service. Most of the websites found on the internet offer free registration, as it is an effective means of promoting a website.

Despite the site being used as a means of exchanging goods without cash, site admins could still earn commissions through registration fees, if desired. Providing support to customers would improve the potential of the website, and this would be the service provided by the site admin to the community.

Another advantage is the absence of major payment gateways. While not a huge hassle if made available, it can help minimize risk and reduce the amount spent addressing any payment-related issues that may arise.

These websites are easy-to-use and available to all worldwide users. However, when it is available to the world, some exchanges may typically fail as the clients usually cannot meet each other.

So transactions should be made possible by using the website, as it will also help the client to exchange goods at a cheaper price. There are various scripts available that provide the bartering system in a more advanced form.

How can you start an online bartering website?

You may think you need to spend a lot of money and effort into it unless you are familiar with iScripts eSwap Virtual Swap Meet Software.

The software provides all features and functionality necessary for you to launch a professional barter exchange network website like Swap.com or U-Exchange.com. Here are the Swapping Websites: Best Places to Trade Stuff Online.

Regular Barter Exchange Network
Direct Swapping
Mixed Model

Similar to Swap.com, iScripts eSwap is a bartering network platform. Features include:

  • Buy, Sell and Swap Functionality – Choose which ones are right for your site
  • Admin Panel – Includes many options and ways to operate your site
  • Advanced Tools for Counter-Offers – Allow users to barter as if they are in-person
  • Multi-Language Capability – Distance doesn’t stop an exchange, so why should language?
  • Unlimited Users, Products & Categories – You are never charged for growing your site bigger!
  • Optional Escrow Method – Run your site the best way you see fit
  • Virtual Currency Points – Want to take your site a step further? Offer points to your users
  • Payment Gateways – If you choose to collect registration fees etc, you can easily work this into your business model
  • Variety of Shipping Methods – Offer the best shipment types for your audience
  •  Create your own brand to speak to your potential users
  • Your Choice of Site Themes – A range of site designs and colors are already included in your purchase
  • UsercolorsList – Users can tell others what they need and want to see available
  • Email Newsletter Capability – Send emails to stay in contact with your audience
  • Ability to Generate Detailed Reports – See what people do on your site and keep track of important details

Ready to create your own barter or swap site, the multi-vendor marketplace, or online website builder? Try it out for yourself right now. See the FREE live demo by clicking here: iScripts eSwap

Choose to use the software as-is, add on to your existing software package using our team of programmers, or even select a white-labeled version for your added convenience.

For more information or questions related to how you can take advantage of the platform, contact us at (312) 423-6728 or email to sales@iscripts.com

We have the ability to modify and tweak the script and add any additional features or site design changes. Just tell us your thoughts and any budget specifics or limitations. We will work with you to provide the best options!

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