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How To SUCCESSFULLY Market Your Printshop Business

by Kathy Hill

In the saturated market of print shops, it is key to have a strong marketing plan. A strong marketing plan can make or break any business; however, in the printing industry, the market is becoming flooded with online apparel printing businesses. Here’s how you can take your print shop to the next level and earn that extra income that you’ve been working so hard for! All you need to do is revise your marketing plan and reach a little outside the box!

Image From The List TV

Image From The List TV

1. Social Media: You probably already know that you should be active in social media to grow an audience along with your business; however, reaching out to schools, sports teams, and other groups via these outlets is a good starting point. Also, utilize Pinterest or Instagram in addition to just Facebook and Twitter. You can great engaging contests for t-shirt designs or other types of giveaways.

2. Collaborate with Your Community: Here’s an idea that we truly love! Not only can you team up with other vendors to increase sales, but you can also find local artists to develop a limited edition set of graphic designs. Create some original apparel art in order to grow your reach and leverage your marketing abilities!

3. Sponsor Events: You can print apparel for sports teams or other groups in exchange for some free advertising. You can even hold a sample sale as part of a “grand reopening” with all unique designs. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

4. Keep Your Website Up-To-Date: Many print shops still cannot be found on Google! Your customers must be able to find you! Also, with software that allows your customers to design their own apparel or other accessories through your website. We can supply you with that software. iScripts PrintLogic may be the marketing tool that you need to bring your business up to speed.

5. Create a “Look Book”: You can create a catalogue or magazine style marketing piece that showcases all of the newest fashions and designs that are fully customizable for your business. This edgy idea will get your customers excited to not only think fashion forward, but also create their own designs! This has the potential to be extremely successful.

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iScripts PrintLogic’s print and design software can be the final piece of the puzzle that you need to relaunch your printing business! Not only does the software help to expedite your business processes, but it also makes your customers’ experience quick, easy, and more enjoyable! View the iScripts PrintLogic demo and see what the buzz is all about! If you have any questions about iScripts PrintLogic, you can send us an email to sales@iscripts.com or give us a call today at (312) 423-6728!


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