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Steps for Creating a Barter Network

by Sheri Levitt

Are you familiar with swapping websites? Bartering is the same practice as swapping items or goods with others. This act of exchanging is especially helpful in today’s economy as many people continue to look for ways to save more while spending less.

Bartering can take place between businesses or consumers.  eBay, which is a very successful site, allows users to list and sell goods to others.  Sellers list these items because they no longer need specific items and instead, would like to exchange them for cash.  Buyers want to purchase items because they are usually discounted (sometimes heavily) compared to retail prices.  Some items or new and some are used.

The desire to make and save money is highly related. Very rarely can an individual not think of at least one “nice-to-have” item. How about obtaining it without spending a dime? At the same time, they can get rid of clutter and free up space. The mindset of getting something for (what is perceived) as nothing paired with cleaning out useless junk within immediate surroundings can be a very liberating feeling that delivers a sense of accomplishment.

At the same time, businesses can exchange with one another to cut costs and clear out surplus or unnecessary items. This is a highly efficient way to reduce costs and decrease waste on a larger scale.

Get started on your bartering site by using easy and affordable software like iScripts eSwap. This is a complete software solution used for creating swapping websites. The script allows you to create your own bartering site in minutes while supporting multiple languages, integrated escrow services along with buy, sell, and swap options.  Payment gateways are included.  With a script like this, there is nothing else to purchase besides a domain and hosting plan which cost nominal fees.


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