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SonicBB – Free message forum software

by Aji Abraham

One of internet’s most successful area is in creating communities. Starting from the News groups in the olden days to the social networking communities at YouTube and Digg are the prime examples. Web allowed us to transcend the geographical boundaries when it comes to common cause. iScripts introduces SonicBB , a brand new message forum software for creating your own virtual community.

You can create this community for your business or social causes.

SonicBB is the ideal community software for all web sites.

It provides maximum control for the board administrator without hindering usability of users. You can set up your forum in minutes thanks to the easy to use installer. This forum software allows you to effortlessly create, manage and promote your online community. This free forum software is designed to meet all your community creation requirements. iScripts SonicBB’s major features include

  • Unlimited forums and categories!
  • Fully configurable, categorize your forums into categories
  • Unlimited Message capability
  • Smiley manager
  • Create “Sticky” threads

Some of the main features in the pipeline includes integration of image galleries with the forum, so that users can display the images. You can find more detailed information at iScripts SonicBB web site. You can download SonicBB and other open source, customizable software from Armia Systems at iScripts.com As usual iScripts SonicBB is an open source bulletin board software. You can modify it to meet your specific requirements. We would be happy to customize it if you would like us to modify the software for a small fee.

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sankar November 13, 2016 - 1:43 am

Need demo for sonicbb forum message board demo thanks


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