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iScripts SocialWare – The Social Networking Software Platform

by Aji Abraham

The majority of the companies except Friendster and Myspace had a sluggish start. However, most of these companies grew exponentially recently due to them the nature of social networking. They have also incorporated a number of money-making programs in these sites to make them viable in the long run. Today there is no doubt social networking is a perfect business with a real business plan.

Most of the social networking sites are based on broad vertical markets today. For example, LinkedIn as a professional group, Facebook for college campuses, etc. We believe the next round of social networking would be for smaller closely-knit groups.

For example sites as part of communities exist in the real world. Examples are local youth groups, schools, colleges, business associations, and independent businesses. One of the main challenges has been the time and cost associated with the software required to create these web applications for smaller groups with limited budgets.

The user-created content in social networking sites is the greatest asset for the communities. Value creation at the edge is a great way to keep the user communities adding value to the main entity it serves, let it be a business or social organization.

This software is available for purchase at SocialWare. An online working demo is also available at the site. This script is written in PHP with MySQL backend and is currently priced at $149.95.

A number of common modules like chats, forums, blogs, etc.. are available. Also some unique modules virtual gift stores etc.. are also available to make your site into a revenue-generating site. A few more of the modules are planned for the next product release, which is already into the planning stage. Here are the Online Community Websites.

Here are some of the main features implemented in iScripts SocialWare software:

Private Mailbox

iScripts SocialWare provides a mailbox for all its users with this a user can compose, draft, check mails. This is to allow private conversations between users without leaving the site.

Create a unique blog using iScripts SocialWare. Users can share thoughts, opinions, stories, favorite music, movies, books and anything else with others. Admin can add different blog templates for the users to select from.

Have online chat with other visitors on the live chatroom.

Create any number of discussion forums and make comments on other forums

Stay connected to friends who share similar interests or affiliations by joining a group. This will allow members to create a community within a large community.

Send real gifts to other users by paying the amount to the site owner if payment is enabled or virtual gifts to other users by paying virtual money if payment is disabled.

Users can post events and organize parties and get-together quickly and easily by using this event management.

Users can post any number of classified ads in any category. They can send responses to classifieds posted by other users.

Photo Album
Users can create a photo album and add any number of photos to these albums.

Powerful search
The powerful search lets users search and find users matching various search criteria.

Users can build communities using the “invite a friend” feature.

Multiple Administrators
The site admin can create multiple admins with different permissions so that the site could be managed by various admins with varying powers.

Module Management
The site admin can enable or disable decide which modules need to display to the user.

Centralized Site Management
The settings panel lets the admin predefine user approval type, album approval type, payment gateway information, etc

Multiple Themes
The admin can set different themes so the site appearance changes. Currently, there are 4 themes. These themes include social, professional, romantic, etc..

Switch Mode
The admin can switch the mode between life and down for maintenance, so the user can understand if the site has been closed for maintenance.

As with all other iScripts products, iScripts SocialWare is an open-source software product. This means customers can modify the software to meet their specific requirements. iScripts also offers customization services for customers. If you believe the software is close to your requirements, we can customize the software to meet your exact needs. This is true for both look and feels as well as functionalities.

A wizard is available to install the software in a few easy steps. However, iScripts can install it for you if you choose.

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