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New Release: Social Networking Mobile App

by Mariya Parackal
Social Networking Mobile App

Numerous social networking platforms have become an essential part of our daily lives. These platforms entertain us and help us in different ways to meet new friends, business partners, new relationships, and so on. One great benefit is, popular social networking platforms could bring enormous money to owners. 

Building your community does not have to be an agonizing or expensive task. Open-source software and PHP scripts are available to you for the purpose of easily developing powerful websites. 

Social Networking Mobile App is our new release for creating online community sites. Among the best open source community software available is iScripts SocialWare. This feature-packed community script helps you design, develop, and host your own social networking website with little time and budget.

Have you ever thought of building your own social network site? If the answer is yes, then this article has all the details that will help you create one.

What is SocialWare?

iScripts SocialWare software installed on the server allows you to create an online community site in minutes. After obtaining a domain and hosting account, the files are installed on your server space. Then you can create your site by logging into the admin panel.

Technical experience is not necessary to set up your social network. Simply determine the best functionality for your site and choose from site setup options to include the features you want, it can be payment methods, modules, user settings, and anything.

Social networking platforms provide whatever a user wants. It includes online shopping, communication, dating, job hunting and many more. Of course, it’s a little bit hard to create a social networking site on your own. You should try iScripts SocialWare for building your online community site.

social networking mobile app

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How to build a social media network website from scratch?

Here are the 8 steps that you need to follow in the process

  1. Identify your community
  • Identify preferences and dislikes of your community 
  • Understand the psychological factors that affect your community
  • What all you can do to get the attention?
  • What do you want your users to do?

2. Find the original idea

When you start planning to create your site, you must be aware of the below questions. 

  • What would you offer to attract more users? (Try to fascinate your visitors by providing unique features, promotion actions, bonuses etc)
  • What kind of social network are you planning to create? (different types of social networks are there, which one is yours?)
  • What will be the name of your site? (Always go for a catchy one)

3. Choose the right technology

  • What method will be effective and efficient for your social media network?
  • Analyze what building technologies have used by existing social networking platforms 
  • Hire a consultant to help you compare technologies 

4. Three must-have pillars 

  • Customer service – Partner with hosting company and deal with technical issues
  • Security – Use reliable security systems 
  • Scalability – Your platform must be able to expand easily and quickly

5. Create Status Update Features

  • Develop quality status update features
  • Design the perfect tools that will make the status updates pleasurable 

6. Quality Data options

  • Create multiple data viewing features

7. Attract the right users

  • There are tools that will help to create awareness on the market.
  • Use Digital marketing tools to increase awareness. Email Marketing, Blogging, Engage with people, Activate paid ads, etc

8. Define the features and function

  • It relates to the quality of the identification of your community. 
  • The needs and wants of your online site will shape the features of developing a social network website.

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Types of Social Networking Sites

  • Social networks – It offers friendly communication with familiar people and helps to find new connections. 
  • Entertaining websites – People enjoy such resources and it helps to find like-minded people.
  • Educational platforms – It allows students and teachers to interact online, to research, and to learn. 
  • Professional platforms – It allows professionals to communicate in a more convenient way. A place to discuss business, arrange an interview, seek a job. 
  • Dating resources – It helps people to find their soulmates. A place to talk to liked profiles. 
  • Sharing Platforms – A place to share images, videos, thoughts, audio
  • Information Websites –  A place where people search for answers or write answers to your questions.

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Examples of Social Networking sites

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Instagram
  6. Snapchat
  7. Pinterest
  8. Reddit
  9. QQ
  10. WhatsApp

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Design a dream community for yourself and others that will include features similar to large and established social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Your site can be open to the public or be created specifically for niche markets. Allow the general public to have access to your site or create it exclusively for a local community, club or group with members seeking friendship, companionship or just an easier way to communicate.

social networking mobile app

This all-in-one social networking script is fully customizable and user-friendly. Built-in features include: 

  • Multiple themes and designs, webchat, message boards, photo gallery, video uploading, classified ads support fully editable user profiles, job board, multilevel administration, friends management, powerful search, music support, centralized site management, articles, events module, photo albums, integrated points system, powerful search options, testimonials, wishes, ratings and much more. 

Decide which features you would like to offer to your users and easily incorporate them into your site by simply activating using checkboxes within the Admin Panel.

This open-source PHP social networking script allows you to create a standalone social networking site or it can also be used as an addition to your existing website. The site is easy to monetize by using free or paid memberships, ads, and/or a built-in virtual gift store. Easily build your own community site similar to Facebook, MySpace, or LinkedIn by using the online community script, iScripts SocialWare. 

All you need is a domain and hosting account to get your social community up and running. See the live demo or take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee offered by iScripts and test it out yourself. Building a social network has never been easier!

How to start your Social Network Platform?

Thinking about starting your own social network or expanding your existing website by including a social portal? 

Consider using a social networking script. All you need is a domain and hosting account to create your own online social network.

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In the present era, Social media platforms are gaining extreme importance in business and marketing. Create a social networking platform for sharing different interests and thoughts connecting with people of similar interests and be the game-changer. If you have a plan to create, then our dedicated development team will help you build your dream into reality.

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