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Social Network Scripts

by Sheri Levitt

If you are looking to create your own social network similar to Facebook or LinkedIn, you may think you need to hire programmers or a web design team to develop a site from scratch.  While this may be fine for larger companies, it would not be a wise path for a startup.

Starting a social site can be very expensive, and not even necessarily because of site development.  It takes a great deal of paid advertising and word-of-mouth generation to gain users and momentum. Due to this, it is advisable that the majority of your budget should be focused on marketing rather than development.

At the same time, your site needs to possess enough features and functionality to engage users and grow a community. Even though you need to focus on marketing and spreading the word about your social site, you can’t compromise this factor.

How can you actually start your own social networking site? Choose a pre-made script to build upon. Whether or not you want to use it as a standalone solution or customize it to include additional features or specific graphic design you want, iScripts SocialWare allows you to get started quickly with only just a couple hundred dollars.

This social networking software includes a blog, forum, chat, gift shop, job portal, album creation, music support, video support, search functionality, point system plus more!  Your site is easy to monetize using ads and a built-in virtual gift store. Additional key features include: multiple themes and designs, web chat, message boards, photo gallery, video uploading, classified ads support, fully editable user profiles, job board, multilevel administration, friends management, powerful search, music support, centralized site management, articles, events, points system, ratings and more.

It doesn’t have to be just a dream or a chore to build your own community site similar to Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn!

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