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Social Network Script

by Kathy Hill

You know what a social networking site is, but do you know what a social network script is? If you have a domain and hosting account with a provider like GoDaddy, Hostgator or BlueHost, you can install a script on your server and instantly create a website.
Open source PHP scripts are easy to use and install, offering you the benefit of creating your own ready-to-use social network. It is not hard to create your own social networking website using one of these scripts. But how do you know which one to select?
One sign of a quality social network script is that it gives you a lot of options and features to choose from. Websites are constantly changing. Keep up with your users and the industry by including a large amount of features and website add-ons. Depending upon your audience and users, you may need different features to fill their needs. For example, a website geared toward animal lovers would benefit from a virtual shop more than a social network dedicated to those that may be jobless or seeking romantic relationships.
iScripts Socialware is a highly sought-after social network script jam-packed with easy to use features such as message boards, chat, photo upload, video, classified ads, user profiles, job boards, friend lists, messages and personal inboxes, music capability, integrated points system, powerful search options, testimonials, virtual gift shop, wishes area and many more enticing site modules. This social network script allows you to choose which features you would like to offer to your users and easily incorporate them into your site at any times just by selecting module checkboxes.

This open source php social network software allows you to create your own standalone social networking community or it can also be used as an addition to an existing website. The site is easy to monetize by using free or paid memberships, ads and/or a built-in virtual gift store. Create your own community site instantly by simply using the iScripts SocialWare social network software. All you need is a domain and hosting account to start your own social site. Visit the live demo and take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee offered by iScripts.com. Test the software on your own server and see for yourself how easy and cost-effective starting a social network can be by using a social network script!

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