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How Service Providers can create an On-Demand Service Marketplace to Take their Business Next Level?

by Milan Mathew

Uber for X - iScripts

Online service platforms had a large impact on the current world. Entrepreneurs always looking for opportunities for building platforms as per the latest trends. Customer mobilization challenges a large boom in an online service-based platform. We know, most of the successful platforms connect two or more types of users.

For eg,

  • Users and sellers on a shopping service platform.
  • Travellers and hotels on a booking service platform.For all these needs a strong launch for convincing the early users.

It can be defined as generating or aggregating demand on mobile devices which is then fulfilled by off-line service providers. It is not only restricted with the potential to change the interactions between the customers and interact with service providers, similar to the scenario in the taxi industry, but getting these services becomes easier for the customers has led a good chance that a lot of latent demand can be generated as getting these services becomes easier for the customers. Much traditional business is adapting this technique and gaining a wider market.

For multi-sided platforms like online taxi service, which need not only many users but it also needs drivers who are willing to accept a booking.

It’s true that, On-demand services will change the face of your business. If you are looking forward to creating something like service based platform, more often than not you will be attempting an online integration in a certain vertical. Apart from the key decisions, there are many moving parts associated with the problem at hand that have a tendency to be overlooked.

Key features to build a successful on-demand service:

Value Proposition:
There would be two sides for a business, the service consumers, and providers. Any business would be successful if it gives benefits to customers.

Customer segment:
When providing an online service platform, make sure that your product gives value to all it’s user segments.

Revenue streams:
The services provided will decide the pricing policies to use for your business. There is no rule of thumb here. But certain principles applied to your business to drive in revenue – different levels of service, surge pricing, add-ons. To drive in more sales for your business you also want to employ offers, discounts, coupon codes and initial-customer advantage.

Key activities:
Every business’s key activities will require a little time to define. Considering how long it has been in the business, they have streamlined their key activities and one good thing is that this holds true for any Uber-like business. Such businesses will include key activities as follows:

  • Platform development & maintenance – probably the most cost-intensive and important part of the business
  • Sales & marketing (including customer acquisition)
  • Getting services providers

The important part of the online service platform is to have strong software base. Turn Key solution like On-Demand service platform iScripts UberforX gives the feature to run uber like service for food, taxi, health, aid etc. which improves the revenue for an existing business or new venture/ startup. You check top ondemand service platforms that drives successfuly.

Mobile apps make helpful to both provider and users. A user can choose an appropriate service to provide and book an appointment from the app. You can generate revenue by billing the service providers using iScripts UberforX simple billing system.
Uber for X Mobile Application - iScripts

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