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Service Marketplace Platforms from iScripts

by Milan Mathew

In recent years, the swing of utilizing the on-demand service marketplace that is provided in different industrial sectors, such as healthcare, automobiles, food, and other services has become more familiar and popular due to the vital role of smartphones.

Service Marketplace Platforms

The services marketplace is a collection of on-demand services that can save time. The on-demand service sectors are growing rapidly compared to the growth of companies like Uber, Ola, Urban Clap, etc. Uber has raised a range of $10.4 billion after being served in this service marketplace platform. Surely, the service marketplace economy had become technically more updated, convenient and efficient.

Though, there are several reasons for people to adore the service marketplace as they are easy to handle and user-friendly. The values that improve on-demand service economy are speed, quality, and customer satisfaction. The success of this on-demand model is the easiness for customers to book the services within seconds.

Advantages Of Service Marketplace Business Scripts:

Service Marketplace platforms take advantage of a proven business model that can be expanded to various niche markets. Among the main characteristics are:


    The service marketplace business model has as its main tool for working as a practical platform. Through a very few clicks, you can request the desired service without bureaucracy, and with a guarantee of a job well done. As an entrepreneur, you can take your business to your customers in a practical way.

    Being working as a P2P business platform, this model creates opportunities for everyone around you. As providers, platforms that benefit from this business model allow people to offer and contract services. It is a way of developing services among consumers.

    The geolocation technology present on the service marketplace platform is responsible for connecting people and services based on location. This gives you access to the best services nearby. This decreases the waiting time and ensures the satisfaction of those who use them.
    The service marketplace business model is proven a worldwide success. In addition to expanding to many countries, it inspired several companies within the sharing economy. Thus, it is remarkable the growth power of an enterprise that uses the main characteristics of the ubermodel.

Let’s have a look at a few successful startups that have effectively reached into the market after being emerged into the service marketplace business.

DeliverVIFirst online food court and meal delivery system the British Virgin Islands. They have made the perfect on-demand service marketplace for the restaurants which was highly required for their location which in turn leads them to a huge success in being one of the best services for a restaurant with food delivery. Here they made an easy way to view the menu of restaurants and place an order easily through the customized website. 

Vacaybound emerged into the services marketplace as an on-demand service for hotel reservations. Vacaybound is a flexible vacation finder targeting travelers with flexible destinations and flexible dates. This travel search site is a place where people are inspired to plan and book directly from millions of travel options at the best prices. It’s unbiased and free, which means that the people who use Vacaybound every month can trust their comprehensive range of flight and hotel options.”

Now you got some ideas on these platforms. If you are planning to start a new one then learn How to build a network and run a service?

Service Marketplace Platforms

iScripts Team is always equipped to deliver the business products that are required for the present technology. With the rise in demand for the service marketplace, iScripts are happy to introduce you to our service marketplace platforms. Let’s have a closer look at the products here.

On-Demand Service Platform – iScripts UberforX

Service Marketplace Platforms

iScripts UberforX is an on-demand service platform that helps to run any Uber-like services.  It can also be chosen for services like medical,  automobile, food, taxis and more.

Mobile apps are available for users and providers. The customers can choose a suitable service provider using this turnkey app. The administrator provided applications that can be used by the users to book the services. For example, users can hop onto the Total Fitness App and find the right service for their own personal needs. Vendors can schedule in advance using this vendor app and it allows them to plan the business in an efficient way.

Online Restaurant Delivery Software – iScripts NetMenus.

Service Marketplace Platforms

iScripts Netmenus have both iPhone and Android App. Customers can choose dedicated mobile applications for their business. Applications are found on Google Play Store or Apple AppStore. 

Online Booking Script – iScripts ReserveLogic

Service Marketplace Platforms

iScripts ReserveLogic will help you to start your own online hotel booking website. It helps to grow your hotel booking business efficiently. This module is designed with all beneficial features that compete with a hotel booking system. Learn How Valuable is Your Product or Service?

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