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Online Restaurant Delivery Software – Serve the Right Dish!

by Milan Mathew

Online Restaurant Delivery Software: iScripts NetMenus

A well-served dish is never left unappreciated. And the reason why the new hot-talk in the food business – online food delivery services – is on an all-time high is none other than this fact.  It’s a product of an on-demand economy, appealing to the general public with its promise of saving time and effort.

Online Restaurant Delivery Software

What are the reasons for the growth of this business? The need for convenience and speedy services rises in the online food delivery and service sector in general.

Simply put, both restaurants and customers alike need a better way to reach out to each other. The turnkey delivery service solution greatly affects the customer’s purchase decisions while help reaching restaurants’ business goals.

From a customer side:

  • Increased Quality – They want better food and they seek better delivery systems and options.
  • More Convenience – A functional online menu is a new-age necessity. No one wants to waste time locating a menu or waiting to see the options until it’s too late.
  • Fast Service – The faster, the better! Even while fast food’s reputation may be dicey, it doesn’t change the fact that customers want instant gratification and enjoy obtaining meals with as little effort and complication as possible.

From a restaurant owner’s view:

  • Increased Efficiency – Restaurants can market their dishes to potential customers in a cheaper and easier way.
  • Obtain Customers – Making new first-timers into repeat customers was never so easy
  • Better Organization – Keep track of online orders and transactions in one place

Users Can Be Described As:

  • People who love to eat out but have no time to go out.
  • People who want food at their doorstep.
  • Corporates who often order food from outside for their lunch.
  • People who don’t want to cook for dinner.
  • Restaurants that do not have delivery guys to fulfill orders at home.
  • Food joints that want to serve people at their location.
  • Restaurants that want more customers and online branding.

Food ordering and delivery platforms like Grubhub follow a simple business model. They act as a common platform between customers and restaurants. Subscribed users search for restaurants, place orders with their chosen restaurant, and pay for it online or opt for cash on delivery.

The business model of GrubHub has not just made it easy for people to order food online from a variety of food joints in their city but has also helped restaurants serve a larger audience. GrubHub is one of those startups which has achieved the ultimate goal of becoming an IPO. Founded by 2 developers in 2004, GrubHub acquired some well-known companies like Seamless.

Online food courts provide customers with a much more relaxed way to enjoy their favorite foods; better than the average restaurant’s set-up. With access to fast service from almost any device, the online option just improves the entire experience and makes the process simpler.

Online food ordering systems can partner with local restaurants offering home delivery, and prepare a database. For every order placed through the website, the restaurant may pay out a commission, if that’s what is agreed upon in advance. You can also choose to feature restaurants on the website homepage for publicity.

The online food court business actually covers a number of services related to food. This basically involves the 3 main categories:

  • Discovery Help customers search for and find good food
  • Convenience Services In-restaurant payments, table booking and more services available
  • Delivery Services Home delivery, Bulk ordering etc. Choose how to receive your order.

And here’s another valuable tip: If you are looking to make a sizable amount of income from this service, peace-of-mind is what you have to serve customers along with your food.

Online Restaurant Delivery Software

How to Setup an Online Food Business?

  1. Your business needs to start from the kitchens of your region and gradually to more and more restaurants. The more restaurant you cover, the more options you provide for the foodies.
  2. The website and the mobile app is through which you serve your service. Setup a great internet presence and make sure to get the customers to you and not your competitors.
  3. Promote the service through online/offline means and gain more customers.

In this modern era of the internet, where solutions are aplenty, there is no need to carry out an enormous effort for setting up any online businesses.  But the quality is one thing that makes a venture stands out among its competitors.

A comprehensive online business model encompassing around Food Stores is what iScripts have in their stores. One of the best Online Restaurant Delivery Software from iScripts, the iScripts NetMenus, will let your business up and running in the easiest way possible.

It comes with in-built functionality to serve three different food business models. This fully customizable website for hassle-free setup of your online food service business comes with a bunch of key features like:

  • A Powerful Admin Panel
  • Support for Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Supporting Both Simple and Advanced Products

And providing users with:

  • Responsive Themes
  • iPhone and Android Apps
  • Easily Locating Nearby Restaurants
  • Ensuring Secure Transactions

If you want to establish yourself as the next big thing,  you’ll need to take care of various technical and marketing aspects to ensure your website stands apart.

  1. A Delivery Site with All the Necessary Features
  2. SEO Optimized and Social- Friendly Platform
  3. Create a Database and Dependable Sales Team
  4. Target a Small, Local Area; Then Expand
  5. Think of Alternative Revenue Streams
  6. Mobile Friendly

Revenue Generation Model:

Being an on-demand food delivery company, your business is based on less ownership model as it does not own any restaurant. Still, it serves thousands of food orders to customers on a daily. There are 2 major sources of revenue:

  • Commission on each order

The amount of commission ranges from 5% to 15% but it was revealed that GrubHub charges an average commission of 13.5%.

  • Restaurant Advertising Your Platform

Apart from the commission structure, you also have marketing and advertising plans for restaurants where they list that particular restaurant on the top for a limited time. Sometimes the listing can depend on the commission structure. For example, to list a restaurant on the top, a restaurant would have to shell out a higher percentage for orders.

If you are in search of software platforms to create your on-demand food delivery business then here is the software platform to Start On-Demand Food Business.

With iScripts NetMenus, there’s no need to spend time hiring a software guy to start everything from the scratch. You can have the whole list of features while checking out the Live Demo Here.

For more information, custom work inquiries or questions related to how you can take advantage of our affordable online food business script, contact us at (312) 423-6728 or email at sales@iscripts.com.

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