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September Customer Spotlight: Narrasys

by Milan Mathew

Transmedia narrative application is the practice of designing, sharing, and participating in a cohesive story experience across multiple traditional and digital delivery platforms – for education, entertainment, advertising, and marketing, or social change, where video led the story and other media types like images, slides, readings, and web links carried the story deeper.

Narrasys is a cloud-based SaaS platform that dynamically combines virtually any digital object into new Narratives. A video and integrated media-centric communications and publishing platform, upgraded, commercialized, and launched the Narrative Platform in 2016, which consists of Narrative Producer (the cloud-based, integrated media storytelling authoring tools), Narrative Player (the integrated media player that launches from emails, websites, blogs, LMSs, MOOCs), and Narrative Editor (transmedia customization tools for instructors when Narrative Player is launched from an LMS). Narrasys blends together all forms of digital content into engaging Narratives that tell more in less time.

Narrasys (Narrative) Producer – Web-based, enterprise-level authoring tools used by Narrasys instructional designers and our clients instructional designers to author video and deep media narratives that can be published as open web links for mass communications, marketing, promotions or LTI links to be launched in a secure LMS like Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, D2L, Open Ed X etc. The producer is a video and deep media layout and publishing toolset.

Narrasys (Narrative) Player – Interactive video player that can be launched from a website, email, blog, learning management system. Three modes of viewing: Default video, transcript, and deep media assets coming up in time, Search Mode: creates a list, ebook view of the episode that can be sorted by time or type – makes video and deep media assets searchable, and Full Video mode – full-screen video.

Narrasys (Narrative) Editor  – When the NP is launched from an LTI compliant LMS it detects the user role. If the user has instructor privileges an “add” button appears in the player that enables an instructor to add real-time comments, images, weblinks, digital documents, polling questions, formative assessments to the Narrative. Students don’t see the “Add” button and don’t have this functionality. This enables and instructor to be able to customize a narrative real-time in their courses.

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