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Seed Your Site to Grow Success

by Jon Skulemowski

Whatever your online business, your website’s main goal should be conjuring a decent amount of monthly traffic. No technologies or SEO software can make quality traffic filter to the website. Good content drives free traffic, creates loyalty and ultimately leads to success. Lack of content results in low search rankings, low traffic, and ultimately, failure. So, once you make your online business live, your next investing spot should be seeding your website. Here are some tips to take care of while you seed your website:

  • Make your Content Interesting – Let us use a dating website as an example of this important point: if you decide to populate your site with a variety of members ages 70 and above, chances are your site will not be attractive to a general audience. In the case of an ecommerce site, rare or eye-catching products in your online shopping mall will also help to retain attention and “stickiness” to your site. Listings of attractive and pertinent information regarding your business and site bring more genuine users and repeat visitors to your website.
  • Business Related Contents- Never go with any listings in your website for the sake of adding contents. Contents in the website should be in the picture for your business. If it is an online community portal, listings of real estate properties or commodity details rather than some good user profiles may look awkward. A glance of any of the contents in the website should bring the idea of your business into the user’s mind, which indicates you are going generate repeat, quality traffic.
  • Use internationally Standardized Keywords- Always use internationally recognized names, texts, videos, music etc…when you add contents. This allows your users to find your content easily, regardless of their location in the world. The best example of this is the different types of names that the article of clothing, a  ‘sweater’ in the US can have. If someone in the UK wanted to buy one from your site, chances are they’d be looking for a ‘jumper’ instead. Capture their traffic by including that word in your site!
  • Avoid Repeated Contents- Try to make the contents unique. If your online shopping mall contains the same products for a so-called seller “Albert” and a seller “Matt” instead of full named sellers and real-sounding locations and items, it only needs common sense to conclude that site admin used some third party tool to stuff the website.
  • Use Real World Contents – Adding dummy and meaningless contents may result in the opposite reaction from your visitors. Do not forget the fact that visitors are not robots and can easily tell that you are not serious about your business! Real content is always preferred to SEO or any artificial content creation.
  • Update Your Contents – Make sure that there are periodic updates to your contents. For example, wall features on your social networking website should be recent wall postings with time stamps. Nothing turns visitors off faster than dated content. An added bonus to your SEO efforts is that Google loves new, fresh content! You will do much better for your site if you put in a little time and effort into keeping your site looking new.

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