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Secrets About Custom Website Building You Didn’t Know…

by Ashley Zimmerman

What is the average cost of custom programming? Do you know how this is calculated or what it really depends on?

Typically, web designers charge $50/hr or more.  Web programming  quotes usually START at $100 per hour.

That is a pretty hefty price to pay – especially for a startup or new online business owner launching a website.

It’s not that the average company doesn’t understand this… oh, they do.  Programming is a skill that not everyone has and it can be intimidating for some newbies.  Many think of programming as some type of mathematical or scientifically intensive task while visualizing a gifted supergeek with hipster glasses coding away for hours while calculating, memorizing, and somehow speaking in tongues to computers by utilizing this techie language that only a select few are intelligent enough to understand and interpret.

This assumption alone will make you calculate this expense as a vital necessity, right? This part of the equation within your business plan is rooted in an area you have no knowledge or confidence in. But is it worth your entire budget? After you spend 10k plus on a website, what is left for marketing or another REAL critical aspect of your business? Would you invest your entire budget in something that was half-cooked and actually expect it to generate income for you? That’s exactly what typical web programmers and development companies bank on.

This is the beauty of iScripts and what we offer you. Take the whole programming task out of the equation.  Where should your budget go? Products? Marketing? Do you have an existing brick and mortar or plan to have one? We keep our basic software affordable (most around $200).  These scripts already include the essentials you probably need for your business.  Anything beyond the basics or special features you would like to add, can be added at a very reasonable hourly rate. Less than HALF of what others will expect from you.  On top of this, we don’t play games with the total amount.  We quote you a fixed price quote.  You won’t hear us come back to you and say there was some coding emergency or unforeseen situation that will now cost you 2 more days of mysterious coding work, plus $1000 more than you expected.

We stay upfront with you during the entire process and ensure we do our best to explain it to you.  We charge a realistic hourly rate so you can make your business happen.  Invest your business (not ours) and give us a call at 1-(800)-569-5538 or submit your ideal site specifics here. We can help you make it happen.



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