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Make Your Restaurant Brand without Hassles of Running a Real Restaurant

by Milan Mathew

Once James Beard quoted “Food is our common ground, a universal experience”. It indeed holds very true. We can witness food lovers everywhere, munching on their favorite cuisines. Online food ordering-delivery platforms are feeding people across the world and making profits for themselves as well. Their explosive growth has compelled entrepreneurs to take notice. While Foodpanda and GrubHub are the leading industry names, local food ordering startups are also making a name in different countries.

Learn from iScripts experts on how to evolve a profitable online food ordering and delivery Mobile app /website of your own. But before moving ahead, let’s learn how such sites work and make money.

  1. Developing a multi-vendor online ordering website
    The difference here in comparison with a standard online shop is that these sites provide a listing of providers so the user can choose one provider, check his menu and order the products he wants. The online ordering site should be mobile responsive, clean, high speed and a user-friendly design. This multi-vendor website is a must if you’re going to create a site like GrubHub.
  1. Online Ordering App for iOS and Android
    This is nowadays extremely important for your startup.   A big part of the users who like ordering food online want to use their smartphones and tablets to place an order. cartapp2cartapp1
  1. Dashboard to manage orders and routes
    Controlling your deliveries is one of the most important duties in the logistics once the user has placed an order. People do not like waiting for their food so your company must have proper coordination of all deliveries. The Apps will give you the possibility to assign orders to them, but you have to coordinate who does what. The dashboard lets you organize and manage the orders and drivers who are working for your company.
  1. Dashboard for upload & administration of content
    To upload products, images, prices and other content you will also need a tool so you can do it from any device. With the dashboard, you can also upload static content, for example, an “about us” page, “contact page” and much more. With the panel, you can upload the product of each restaurant, and they can even have their account to log in and to modify their products, menus, price, etc.
  1. Notify the business owner when an order comes in
    Some of the business owners do not have a smartphone or tablets. It is your job as a reliable technology partner to offer a solution to this conflict. There are other ways to notify the business owner that there is a new order. So in this case, creating a business panel would be great for your business partners to have a clear idea of the past and future orders.
  2. Reviews and feedback
    One of the must needed section which allows your customers to provide their feedback for the restaurant. This furthermore gives customers the flexibility to write their feedback at their own time, thus, increasing customer delight. All reviews are directly sent to the restaurant owners and managers which help them seek insights, and analyze customer experience and expectations.

iScripts food ordering system, iScripts NetMenus comes with the best experience of all the above features and also with a robust backend order management website. You can login on any device to check current orders, previous orders and track everything for your business. With NetMenus, you can Easily manage your orders on any smart device. NetMenus comes with both iOS and Android app with users and restaurant sections. It won’t be wrong to say that mobile food ordering app is changing the way food industry works. More than a privilege, it is the need of the hour. Hence, if restaurants want to be successful in the long run and not turn obsolete, they must resort to mobile food ordering app.

Wondering where to get your mobile food ordering app built? iScripts already comes with an inbuilt solution for food ordering system by providing all the essential guidelines and work extensively towards developing user-friendly, easily navigable customized restaurant apps with smooth payment options. Have a look at our demo today itself and see how well your business can be easily managed with NetMenus web and mobile apps.

You can also find more features on iScripts NetMenus by clicking here.

Using this complete system, you can grow your existing restaurant business while meeting new customer demands and staying competitive within the restaurant industry.

Get an idea of how to use the system and see the full list of features in action by using the free trial of our online demo. Have additional questions? Contact our team at (312) 423-672

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