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Restaurant Delivery System Use Cases

by Aji Abraham

We’ve come out with a delivery system software targeted at restaurants, but it is not limited to only restaurants. Here’s how you can use a delivery system for not only your restaurant, but also for many other businesses. Restaurants are reforming their marketing strategies in order to better compete in today’s market. Restaurant delivery systems are growing in popularity and it is key to integrate the system in your restaurant’s website.

The restaurant delivery system can actually be used at restaurants in a few different methods. Suppose a Chinese restaurant wants to begin selling takeout in addition to their regular sit down menu. The restaurant could add a page to their existing website and then integrate iScripts NetMenus or the delivery system to the same preexisting website. The mobile app could specifically only have the ne


Next, the iScripts NetMenus app can be used for people who are ordering food in the stands of a high school basketball game. Customers can order their favorite game foods from the comfort of their own seats. It would be a truly unique and convenient experience to be able to order a hotdog and popcorn from their seat. They wouldn’t have to miss a minute of the game!

Another great concept that could be implemented with iScripts NetMenus is a sports bar can use the restaurant delivery system and iphone app to promote special drinks and deals from a “secret” menu only available at the bar area. This software is not only an organizational tool that helps bring added income to a restaurant, but it can be used as a marketing tool that is unavailable and truly makes a customer’s dining experience.

The final use case for restaurants is that the software can be used for not just a single restaurant, but also restaurants with multiple locations. iScripts NetMenus connects to Google Maps so that customers on your website can find the closest location for delivery or take out. This is not only an organizational tool, but a great method for branding as well as improving your reach. You can reach out to customers that are further away and increase sales. Also, this may help you to determine where your next restaurant location will be.

Delivery systems are not just used for restaurants. You can use iScripts NetMenus for a computer repair company where customers would order repair services or computer parts. Then, the company can send their workers to the client’s office or home. This system can also be used for groceries, dog walking or grooming, and even medical services.

With iScripts NetMenus, there are so many possibilities! Business and restaurant owners can take their businesses to new heights! The full software is available to try out in the free online demo. You can get a feel for the script not only from the admin side, but also as the customer. You can find the iScripts NetMenus demo by clicking here.

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