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Newly Released: iScripts UberForx Provider App

by Sheri Levitt

In recent years, on-demand services have gained huge popularity in the market. It offers the availability of different on-demand services in a few clicks on your doorstep. It follows the same business model of Uber that delivers on-demand taxi/cab service.

on-demand services

iScripts users have been using iScripts UberforX for their business as one of the best models for a service-related script. iScripts UberforX comes with an administrative control panel for the site owner – to manage the operations of iScripts UberforX. You will have total control of your business and you can choose how should it operate.

The script consists of numerous options for the benefit of services and industries that gives you complete flexibility to build the business you envision at an affordable price. The site administrator can have unlimited services, vendors or users without any extra cost.

iScripts UberforX software is developed with customizable source code. This will help to tailor your requirements in the future.

In order to sustain with the current technology updates, iScripts have been working the best to match with the updated requirements on on-demand Uber services technology. On this, our developers have been working on the Provider app for the iOS platform, and we are more happy to introduce it with the latest version of it. Let’s have a look into the new features that have been rolled out to the iOS App store for the iScripts UberforX Provider App.

on-demand services

New Features and Updates of iScripts UberforX Provider App (iOS)

  • Trainer Sign Up: The Provider App comes with a direct feature for trainers to sign up to their accounts through the app and see the list of services they are involved in.
  • Detailed Course View: The Provider or providers will be able to see the list of complete available courses and the trainer associated it with.
  • Detailed Staff View: Provider can now list all the available staff with the complete details for the associated course.
  • Staff Time Slot Allocation: Able to categorize the staff as per their allocated Time Slots(Schedule based).
  • Live staff management: The Provider can get the complete details of the staff and their courses directly within the Provider App itself and will also be able to associate staff to particular courses.
on-demand services

Mobile App Specifications

  • Search the fitness service providers and check the available list of providers
  • Rating and review of the service can be viewed along with Map and list
  • Service providers can see the available list of bookings
  • Book your staff and available service at the desired time slot
on-demand services
iScripts UberforX

Got an idea for your on-demand service application? You can discuss it with us as we are more happy to help you with our Ultimate On-Demand Service Platform, iScripts UberforX.

Get an idea of how to use the on-demand system and see the list of features by using the free trial of our online demo. Have additional questions? Contact our team at (312) 423-672

We are happy to explain how our on-demand service software works, including any additional business needs you may have. We also offer custom development of web and mobile apps at a reasonable rate.

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