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Recurring Payment Based Businesses = Increased Success

by Kathy Hill


When thinking of subscription-based businesses, companies such as Hulu and Netflix probably come to mind.

Even though many digital and technology based companies are more likely to execute subscriptions, more traditional companies are now considering and implementing this business model.  Why is this? Transitioning a customer base from one-time purchasers to repeat customers generates predictable revenue while building brand loyalty.

More customers favor businesses that allow them to subscribe to products or services. Before committing, customers usually have the ability to try products or services first. The subscription business model naturally gives potential customers the peace of mind and reassurance needed before subscribing.  If buyers are able to realize the value based upon personal use, there is a much greater chance that they will feel confident in the service or product.

By combining subscription models with self-service options, users can expect to instantly tailor offerings and needs.  Automating various processes and offering these customer self-service options enable higher customer satisfaction, while also allowing you to realize lower costs.

Aside from building loyalty and creating stable revenue, these companies also often gain a significant competitive advantage.  By leveraging subscription models, businesses also become more nimble in rolling out new initiatives and expanding to new markets.

If you haven’t already, consider a subscription-based strategy for your business. Maintain a competitive edge, please your customers and offer yourself the chance to reinvent your business in the future.

iScripts offers a slew of products encompassing recurring payments and subscription business models.  These products can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with your current site.  Scalable products with this built-in business model includes:

iScripts AutoHoster – Start your own web hosting business with a complete web hosting management script.  iScripts Autohoster is equipped with built-in billing and account management functions, an integrated help desk and website builder.

iScripts SupportDesk – Manage customers queries and track issues effectively using live chat, email piping and SMTP/POP3 support. This is a web based help desk software that enables you to handle your sales and customer service queries in an efficient manner.

iScripts GoStores – A unique and proven ecommerce store builder software application that allows you to create a site similar to Volusion or Quickcart. By offering branded and hosted shopping cart services to your clients, your customers can quickly create and easily manage their own online storefront.

iScripts eSwap – Create a virtual swapping and bartering site. End users can create a wish list and post items for swap, sell or purchase. This is a multilingual software solution that supports multiple payment gateways and integrated escrow functionality.

iScripts SocialWare –  Run your own  social networking or add viral community traffic to an existing web site. The software includes a blog, forum, chat, gift shop, job portal, album creation, music support, video support, search functionality, point system plus more.

iScripts MultiCart –  Start your own multi vendor ecommerce marketplace.  The software supports multiple vendors within a single storefront. Start your own virtual mall or drop ship business integrated with multiple payment gateways and design themes.

iScripts EasyBiller – Provide online billing for your clients. The software supports recurring and one-time billing functionality.  This is ideal for services such as web design, IT, daycares or any business requiring online billing. Payments are supported through credit cards and offline methods.

iScripts EasyCreate – This script is ideal for hosting companies, virtual communities or a standalone business. Allow your clients to create websites in minutes with this php script with a number of professional templates included.

iScripts NetMenus – Our latest high-end product!

Have questions related to recurring business models or the software? Contact us at 1-(800)-569-5538 or email sales@iscripts.com

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