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Recently Completed Customization Projects

by Ashley Zimmerman

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We strive to provide reasonably priced software for new and existing online businesses. While we include a number of features in our scripts, some clients still require adjustments and changes to ensure their site is unique, on-brand, and serves all business needs. These are some of the most recent customization projects we’ve completed for our customers:

iScripts MultiCart Design Customization: TheBabyBurp.com

iScripts MultiCart is the original multi-vendor shopping cart script. The unique shopping cart supports multiple vendors within a single storefront. It enables site users to create an aggregate a store or marketplace – similar to Etsy.com.

The iScripts MultiCart software is an entire business model in a script. Vendors can add items, update price, and upload pictures while the store operator provides operational and marketing support in exchange for a commission of each sale. When end users purchase something from the store, vendors are sent shipping addresses and shipping instructions.

Even the smallest customizations can create a new look for your brand. Here we have made some minor design changes for the owner of TheBabyBurp.com. We swapped the fonts and adjusted the links at the top of the page to give it a simple, yet bold appearance.  We also added a ribbon in the middle of the page for featured products, and moved links and newsletter signup to the bottom.

iScripts PrintLogic Customization: MemeShirt.net

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Our design and print software, iScripts PrintLogic, is a turnkey solution for setting up your own online t-shirt design and printing website. It has a built-in ecommerce shopping cart which allows your users to purchase items they design.  It is one of the best online lettering and printing design software packages that can be used for printers. Ideal for t-shirt printing, signs, tees yard signs, and various printing activities, this software is very easy to install and use, while also offering a wide range of design templates to chose from.

Memes are simple internet cartoons composed of a single image with a text overlay. Similar to Memegenerator.net, Memeshirt.net provides users an opportunity to create memes share them through social channels, with the option of purchasing printed goods.

When friends click on the link to view the cartoon provided by the creating user, they will be driven back to MemeShirt.net and given the option to purchase the shirt.

The following customizations were included:

  • “Add Your Own Meme” functionality
  • Meme Listing Page (Most Popular)
  • Product Listing Page
  • “My Meme List” User Account
  • Slideshow Management Module
  • Meme Management Module
  • PrintAura API Integration

iScripts CyberMatch Customization: iDeserveBetter.com

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iScripts CyberMatch is an open source online dating software with sophisticated features such as background checks, chat alerts and integrated payment systems.

The script allows website owners to control users, plans, banners, site content, logos and more. There is also the option to set the site to run as a free or paid service by incorporating an assortment of payment plan options. iScripts CyberMatch has a powerful Admin Panel to manage users, features and payments.

In order to complete this site,  the client wanted us to make some tweaks to the software. He wanted a new feature for free users. After so many messages, male users are redirected to complete payment while female users can send any number of messages through the website and continue using it for free.

If you are interested in developing your own custom website, contact our project managers at (312) 423-6728. Our clients also receive free installation and 50% off copyright removal. See more projects in our portfolio.

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