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Recent Software Customizations

by Ashley Zimmerman

iScripts CyberMatch Customization – TheActiveMatch (Phase 2)


Rather than use tests or rate compatibility, TheActiveMatch allows users to find a partner based upon common interests. To ensure the message is clear, a few graphic design changes were completed. This includes the user profile and the addition of several new tabs such as: “My Activities,” “About Me,” ”New For You,” and “Recent Matches.” Each of these tabs feature custom functionality to provide information to users based upon activities featured in profiles and availability shown to searching users. Personality attributes and an advanced search tool which automates activity matching is also included.

New search features were also integrated into the site, allowing users to quickly search activities of other members within a specific radius. Two criteria will be used for this search, including gender and activities of interest.

See iScripts CyberMatch to create your own dating site.

iScripts EasyCreate Customization – UBuildWeb


While our simple website builder, iScripts EasyCreate, includes a number of payment options, the Singaporean dollar was not previously included among the currencies. Using the PayPal payment gateway, users can now use Singapore dollars as their currency for payment.

In this example, we also rebranded the software by replacing the iScripts EasyCreate logo with UBuildWeb in various parts of the website.

iScripts PrintLogic Customization – Servietten-Deko


In this example, we’ve customized our design and printing software, iScripts PrintLogic, to include full image and text rotation. This gives users the ability to enhance existing designs. Using a rotator tool and dragging feature, any element can be adjusted.

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