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Product Scanning App Connects Businesses with Customers

by Sheri Levitt

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How would you like your fans and customers to promote your products for you?

If you have a truly unique and quality product or complementary idea to supplement your existing business, you should ensure that you are enabling your current and potential customers share and receive engaging activities and content.

The iPhone/Android Product Scanning App featured on GizmoPlay utilizes QR codes and product tagging functionality so you can connect with customers.

How to Use the Product Scanning App for Your Business and Products:

  1. Allow users to scan your products to receive future incentives and updates, participate in promotions, add your products to a “Favorite” list, or share with friends on social networks.
  2. Customize this app to change into any barcode scanning app. Instead of checking a product to social channels, you can have a database for users to check ingredients, allergens, prices and more.
  3. If you are interested in changing the app to develop a supplemental application for another purpose (such as location or check-in or other code or identification tagging), we can slightly adjust the app to become a QR code tagging app with minimal customization.

The app will be branded with your own company name, logo, images, questions, locations, content, splash screen, icons, and product data. After downloading the app and scanning barcodes, users can engage with your business by using the app as intended.

If you are not familiar with application development, you can still create one with assistance from our team. You can communicate with our project managers and specialists to customize the app to your liking. We will even help you launch and publish it! The app comes with full rights so you can distribute it within the Apple iTunes App Store and/or across the web.

Product Scanning App Features:

 Branded splash screen
 Branded “About Us” screen with contact info
 Custom home screen and launcher icons
 Custom application name
 Compatible with latest iOS 6 or greater
 Integrated with a powerful UPC database
 High-performance bar code scanner
 Fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter
 Supports custom product data upload
 Runs smoothly on Wifi and 3G

Contact us at 1-800-569-5538 or visit the Product Scanning App on the GizmoPlay site for more information.

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