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Private Label Online Data Backup Solutions for ISPs and Hosting Companies

by Kathy Hill

In the recent years the high bandwidth penetration has been increasing, hardware cost and bandwidth cost has been declining. This has been putting pressure on the top and bottom line of ISPs and hosting companies. Have you, as Internet Service Provider (ISP) or hosting provider, ever thought of how you can benefit from these trends?
As the online backup market is growing rapidly, this should offer you a new revenue stream from your existing customers and infrastructure. iScripts has developed the iScripts Backuper platform with hosting companies, ISPs and resellers in mind. We have developed software platform as a scalable, private labeled solution to offer as a standalone service or along with existing services. Web hosting is an ideal candidate to expand to data backup business.

ISPs and hosting companies can generate additional revenue streams (increase ARPU) by adopting new services, like an online backup service. The demand for securing critical data increases over time. With our technology you can help your customers. Therefore our product is a valued addition to your existing services.

Private branded solution with your name, your logo and your server

We recognize that you want to give their customers a transparent experience. Therefore, we can provide partners with a branded software solution. To achieve an ultimate branded solution that is part of your total data protection and disaster recovery solution, iScripts Backuper allows you to brand both client software (your own name, logo and contact details) and user management panel. Most of all, the entire backup is stored on your servers in your datacenter. It can even share it with your hosting servers.

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