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iScripts PrintLogic Customization: Design My Inserts

by Ashley Zimmerman

iScripts PrintLogic Customization

Project Name: Design My Inserts

Design My Inserts is a self-designing website offering online print tools for users to create business desk nameplates. These designs are based on specific templates created by the site administrator and loaded using the iScripts PrintLogic software system.

The administrator can create pre-set layouts for end-users to add their own unique content to create these office desk nameplates. Users can export the designs by PDF and JPEG, without vectorized output. The pre-set layouts will contain several content areas for different types of text information for the nameplates.

The pre-set layouts will be created by the administrator to match the existing products offered by the client’s main commercial endeavor. The software also supports quality font types for high-resolution output designs.

Several elements have been disabled based on the standard iScripts PrintLogic software. These elements include payment gateways and shopping cart functionality.

This site was created using iScripts PrintLogic – an online design and printing software created for small businesses and entrepreneurs to quickly set up a design and printing website.  The script comes equipped with all the necessary features for a successful printing business.

Try the DEMO or contact our project managers at (312) 423-6728 for more information or questions related to our work, previous clients and how you can take advantage of the software.

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